I hope it's okay to put this here, and that it's something that can be added to if parents feel their links could be of some help

Here are some links that I thought may be useful for some parents:

One family: It's an organization driven to help those parenting alone. It offers supports for the parents, counselling and other helpful advice http://www.onefamily.ie/

Parentline: Offering tips and advice, also parenting courses www.parentline.ie/

Rainbows Ireland: This organization is designed to help parents, and children / teens of different age levels to deal with their feelings having lost a parent through death, separation / divorce. For tweens / teens. I know that the Rainbows programme (primary school level) runs on site in some schools, so I'm sure they work with secondary also, so I would inquire.

I think that its a very important link because it gives parents, children and teens alike an outlet where they can be around others like them and to express their feelings and worries. http://www.rainbowsireland.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=64&Itemid=182

Your drinking:
This site has some 'recognize the signs' and what to do tips with young people and alcohol http://www.yourdrinking.ie/alcohol-and-young-people/

Cool school bully free: This is an Anti-Bullying programme and support service targeted at second level schools run by the HSE. It provides supports for the parents, teens and teachers. http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/Find_a_Service/Children_and_Family_Services/Child_and_Adolescent_Health/Coolschoolbullyfree/

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The National Parents Council Post Primary division-

lots of information for parents of secondary school children-and always great to know that there are answers available to those questions which pose a problem for our children.

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Crisis Pregnancy Ireland.

HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme
4th Floor, 89 – 94 Capel Street
Dublin 1
Phone: 01 814 6292
Fax: 01 814 6282


Life Pregnancy Ireland

Life Pregnancy Care,
29/30 Dame Street,
Dublin 2
Tel 01 677 5282
emailing life@life.ie

14 Gandon House, Lower Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1.
Telephone: 01 6700 120 E-mail: info@treoir.ie LoCall: 1890 252 084

The national federation of services for unmarried parents and their children.

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A 3 week course on parenting teenagers starting this week(20th of March 2014) in Dublin.

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