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Well had my first time out air softing the weekend and am hooked.
Having only done paint ball before i was not sure what to expect.
But when I saw all the lads walking out in the gear I knew even before a shot was fired it was going to be good.

There was about 50 guys there for the most part so the teams were big and the action intense.
We played up in the hilltop site in newtownmountkennedy, wicklow and it was a great but a little windy venue.

Im in a bad way today, stiff and soar but it was worth it.
Bring on next weekend.
Im heading off to my local airsoft retailer to get me some more gear and im going to go hunting in airsoft adverts for my own gun.
The gun I have a loan of is fine and my mate is not in a hurry for it back so I can take my time getting my own. But I will be...

Any way Here is a few pics I took. If any of you guys were there and dont see your self in any of my pics let me know and ill try find a shot of you. Im sure I got a pic of every one who played in the afternoon sessions...

defending the base by BarryKelly, on Flickr

oddy by BarryKelly, on Flickr

p90 man by BarryKelly, on Flickr

the charge by BarryKelly, on Flickr

orange eyes by BarryKelly, on Flickr

man down by BarryKelly, on Flickr

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Decoy Registered User

Another convert! Glad you enjoyed yesterday, it was good craic. If I might make a suggestion, Brit DPM Desert isn't a particularly useful camo pattern here in Ireland so you consider something based on dark greens, the standard Brit DPM is pretty good for Irish sites.

"P90 Man" is Andy of the RATS team, he's a bit of a poser so he'll like seeing his pic here

Hilltop have their own thread: http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2056412520

They are also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hilltopairsoftrange#!/pages/Hilltop-Airsoft-Ranges/174699559266070?sk=wall&filter=1
Oddy put up some pics earlier today, you may find yourself in them

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spooky donkey Moderator

Well I thought that camo worked well in the quarry and also in the white kinda grass. I got it long before I every tried air soft and it was better than just street cloths...

I have more pics of them lads from the rats group, they were a sound bunch of lads.

spooky donkey Moderator

here is another pic.. of a R.A.T.S member

Robbie the rat by BarryKelly, on Flickr

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johnmc_carthy Registered User

Some great photos there!

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spooky donkey Moderator

and another

taking cover by BarryKelly, on Flickr

BioHazRd Sith

Well well well, is that Adam and Ray I see in the photo too ? Welcome to the most addictive thing in your life pal Im sure Ill see you out on a site somewhere soon enough

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spooky donkey Moderator

yes me adam and ray. They will be runing games soon I think...
So its all good.

spooky donkey Moderator

Well I went back up to hilltop at the weekend. Weather was very bad and the games were very good. Not as many lads out as the time before but the bad weather and other events on had their effect.

Only stayed for the half day as I left and went to the airsoft shop in Bray, just off the N11 where I finally got my own AEG. The Lads in there were very helpfull and sorted me out with a sweet gun, so I am very happy with it now. Think ill be playing in wexford this weekend, some site close to ennischorty not sure what its called, its normally a paintball place.

Bring on the weekend.

spooky donkey Moderator

Oh and here is the really nice view from up on hill top

light from the tree by BarryKelly, on Flickr

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T4RGET Registered User

after seeing the pictures and reading this thread i headed up to hilltop 2 weeks ago too, amazing place, the pictures do no justice. heading back again this weekend hopefully. that picture from the hill is amazing.

Epicfish Registered User

Nice shots man, I was down at Stamullen Airsoft (the orchard) where the vipers play, mad Craic down there, you gotta come down one of the weekends.

spooky donkey Moderator

sounds great, Ive heard of stamullen.. where is that place?

Epicfish Registered User

well stamullen is beside Gormanstown just of the M1.
To get into the site you'll find a double gates just across the road from Whytes Pub, if you get to the church you've passed the site by around 100 yards, They're hosting a free day on the 18th of this month, there'll be alot of people there, but it'd be a good way to just get a taste of the site.

spooky donkey Moderator

Oh the 18th sounds good so Ill be there. Ill bring along the possie as well..... Looking forward to it now. its the day after my sons 14th Bday so ill drag him along also...
thanks for the info

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