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Y U NO BUY US ??????

Usmanov Russia's richest man recognized the value of Facebook Inc three years ago when he invested in the social networking company and now stands to enjoy a payday of around $1 billion, propelling him further ahead of Russia's oligarchs, who have largely stuck with oil and steel.

Alisher Usmanov, who topped Forbes magazine's annual list of Russia's richest investors in April, began his career making plastic bags and built his fortune in metals and mining. He is now worth $18.1 billion, up from $2.6 billion six years ago, according to Forbes.

It is Usmanov's technology-related bets that have set him apart from his country's rivals, and 2012 looks set to be a particularly lucrative year. Along with the Facebook stake that values the firm at 10 times what it was worth when he invested three years ago, Usmanov plans to float MegaFon, the $20 billion Russian telecoms firm he took control of last month.

"He has his fingers everywhere," said one Moscow-based financial source who said he knows Usmanov.

"With MegaFon and Facebook, it looks as though he'll be having a massive liquidity event. It's quite incredible. It could be that he creates a huge holding company ... or he could make a run at a big international company," the source said.

Usmanov, 58, born in the Soviet republic of Uzbekistan, also controls iron ore miner Metalloinvest, Russian daily Kommersant, television assets and has a stake in London soccer club Arsenal.

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He's offered top put up money for transfers before but the board were having none of it, if I'm not mistaken? This was before Kroenke's take over.

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Mickeroo said:
He's offered top put up money for transfers before but the board were having none of it, if I'm not mistaken? This was before Kroenke's take over.

I don't understand? Why wouldn't they take money from an investor

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dorgasm said:
I don't understand? Why wouldn't they take money from an investor

No idea!

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gosplan said:
I think we've always spent wisely but the problem is we've never been adding to the squad, just replacing holes left by departures.


paying massive wages for dead wood though cancels out the spending wisely.

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Firstly, we're not sure exactly what he wanted for his cash.

Scondly, the board's focus has always been on running a sustainable football club. Like it or not, they've stuck to it. The ethos of the club is attacking football and sustainable economics.

Obviously, being sustainable counts for very little bar the slight moral victory as long as other clubs can just pinch our transfer targets because they're bankrolled so well.

Personally, I'd hope the FFP does something but won't be holding my breath.


RVP 11 said:
paying massive wages for dead wood though cancels out the spending wisely.

Very true but I think the club has learnt a lot from it's failures in this regard.

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gosplan said:
Very true but I think the club has learnt a lot from it's failures in this regard.

About time, anyone would think Francis Jeffers was reason enough.

Off topic but anyone notice how busy the Liverpool thread is?

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RVP 11 said:
About time, anyone would think Francis Jeffers was reason enough.

Off topic but anyone notice how busy the Liverpool thread is?

It's bound to be busy with all the talk new managers being interviewed. Haven't actually read it myself though..

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arsenal tell RVP to keep it shut

Arsenal hand Robin van Persie media ban while on Holland duty
• Ban on interviews reflects Arsenal's anxiety over striker
• Fabianski hopes to 'end his adventure' with the Gunners
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David Hytner, Friday 18 May 2012 11.44 BST

Robin van Persie salutes the travelling Arsenal fans after his side beat West Bromwich Albion on the last day of the Premier League season. Photograph: Ian Kington/AFP/Getty Images
Arsenal's anxiety over Robin van Persie's next career move has been reflected by them barring him from talking to the press while on international duty.

The striker travelled to the Netherlands on Thursday to begin his national team's preparations for the Euro 2012 finals but Dutch reporters, who are used to a relaxed relationship with the players, were told that Van Persie was the only one who would not be addressing them.

"We made a deal with Arsenal and he won't talk to the press," a spokesman for the Dutch Football Association, the KNVB, said.

Arsenal are fretful that Van Persie, the talismanic captain, will ignore the new contract they have offered him and seek a fresh challenge. The player, who turns 29 in August, is determined to win a trophy and he has gone seven years without one at Arsenal.

He met the club's chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, and Arsène Wenger on Wednesday to listen to what they had to say, in terms of money and ambition. The manager was on record as saying that he wanted to resolve the situation before Van Persie linked up with Holland, partly to help his drive for new signings. He has already signed the striker Lukas Podolski from Köln.

But Van Persie, who has 12 months to run on his contract, has made it clear that he has no intention of re-signing at the moment as he waits for offers to crystallise from his various suitors. Manchester City and Juventus have a firm interest in Van Persie. The Professional Footballers' Association's Player of the Year and the Football Writers' Association's Footballer of the Year would relish an offer from Barcelona.

Lukasz Fabianski has meanwhile told Polish media that he wants to leave Arsenal after months of watching his compatriot Wojciech Szczesny from the bench.

"I hope that my adventure with Arsenal has come to an end," Fabianski told Friday's Gazeta Wyborcza. "I intend to leave and play in a strong league. I wanted to leave in the winter, too, but Arsène Wenger did not give a green light."

Fabianski, who has 20 caps, was named the Polish league's top keeper in 2006 and 2007 during his time with Legia Warsaw. He joined Premier League Arsenal five years ago but has not been able to secure his position due to injuries and some conspicuous errors.

Poland's coach, Franciszek Smuda, has called him up to the provisional 26-man squad for Euro 2012, which the country is co-hosting with Ukraine starting next month, but Fabianski is expected to play second fiddle to Szczesny again.


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It seems to me that the lack of ambition from the Board and manager has caught up with the club. I don't blame RVP for wanting to win a trophy before his career ends and he won't win it here with a club that cannot hold onto it's best players. Last season was the straw that broke the camel's back for many fans when Cesc and Nasri were allowed go and only replaced with minutes to spare, indeed Arteta didn't even have time to have a medical. Why would RVP stay with a club that didn't show ambition ?

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When was the last time Wenger picked up a 17 goals in the lge player for 8weeks of Djorus wages ....cmon Wenger stop buying hot an cold wonderkids and go find a decent value player ...

Grant Holt for 400k from Shrewsbury in 2009
He continued to score regularly in the npower Championship and helped Paul Lambert's side secure back-to-back to promotions, earning them a place in the Barclays Premier League after a six-year absence.
Holt's performance saw him rewarded with a new three-year deal at Carrow Road ahead of the 2011/12 season, where he shone and hit 17 goals.

keano_afc Registered User

You're surely not suggesting we sign Grant Holt?

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tayto lover said:
Well if you were to look at things from the Boards point of view -

1. We sold our two best players and still managed third place and C.L. qualification.
2. We made loads of money.
3. We have a great manager who will get us into Europe even if we sell RVP.
4. We can continue as we are.

That's what has been happening for years and it could continue until we don't make the Top 4 or C.L. Those twats seem to be happy not winning anything as long as they are making money and keeping the fans onside with loads of rubbish about strengthening and winning things.

While I normally find myself disagreeing with your posts, this is damn good one.
One that I hadn't considered; The board cannot view this season as anything but a success story. We sold our best players for heaps and bought in second-rate (in terms of money not talent) players, and still finished with automatic qualification which will bring more money.

This worries me greatly

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Haven't posted here in a while, I find a lot of you guys to be awfully depressing, although maybe you're just realistic.

I don't buy this crap about the board not caring about our failure to win trophies. Most of those on the board are Arsenal people who want to win, while the rest are guys that are smart enough to know that only through winning will you keep the fans happy. The fact is that we are and have been playing the long game, we need to remain patient. We moved stadium and have gone about servicing that debt in the right way. Manchester United are on the decline, as are Chelsea and Liverpool. People may talk about City dominating the league for years to come but I'm not so sure. The owners look at the club as a plaything, and like most toys, they will eventually get bored of it. If not, the Fairplay rules should help even up the playing field. I have no doubt that everyone at the club fully wants to win trophies and are going about doing that in the way they feel is best. Even if RVP does go, it's not the end of the world. How many times have we heard that we absolutely have to hold onto a guy only to realise that losing him wasn't so bad? Obviously it would be great to hold onto him, but I think we are just beginning to come out of a bit of a hibernation at Arsenal, and maybe it will take a few more seasons, but the pay off for the wait isn't too far away.

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