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Not exactly filling me with confidance about any potential signings. Sounds like he hasent even really been looking yet (Im sure the scouts have, but I mean Wenger himself). If we make any signings I can see it being January 31st at about 11:30pm.


I really hope we don't lose on Sunday... The confidence blow could be detrimental.

At home and against the wall I hope we show some bottle and show we have grown as a team since that 8-2 defeat.

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Proper Gooner.Get him back.

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tony1kenobi said:

Not good enough


Good read, but a little depressing. The Spurs way seems to be paying off at the moment

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tony1kenobi said:

emergingstar said:
Not good enough

pity he didn't go back on loan to norwich this year, anyone know why did lambert not want him or what?

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emergingstar said:
So with all the injuries we have we're putting out a similar team to the team that was beat 8-2

That's the sign of a manager who knows that we are in serious trouble but is so intent in backing the Board that he has lost sight of his managerial duties and has let the team go backwards. He does not think we will beat Utd and he is getting his excuses ready by blaming injuries and not bothering to try and fix our problems. Never in a million years would George Graham have stood for that kind of conduct.

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there a list of injured players(updated yesterday, apart from diaby he's retired now ) & a video of the new medical centre at the training ground on the website link

henry - test sat. & vermalen - looks short, maybe a test
arteta & coquelin both out, should be ready for villa
gibbs & sagna - 2/3 weeks,
jenkinson & wilshere - both running, a few weeks
santos - 2 months
diaby - ?

with everyone above out then i'd say the strongest team is the one that started against swansea, except rosicky replacing benayoun
I'd take a draw now, can't afford to get beat

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Hopefully there are none of the usual setbacks. Vermaelen and Sagna in particular are badly missed. Arteta isnt as bad but still noticible. If we get Wilshere back for the run in that should be a big bonus as it would give Ramsey the kick up the arse he needs.

Any word on Rosicky? I'd be very tempted to play him and Benayoun with Song in the middle on Sunday. Leave Ramsey on the bench.

batistuta9 Registered User

he's not listed as injured on the page i linked so he must be fit

rosicky & benayoun can 'put it about a bit' when they want so mightn't be a bad option, as i think united could destroy that defence so winning it in the middle might be a bit more important than usual on sun. but i'd say he'll go with ramsey for a bit more 'creativity'

they only conceded 6 at home this season in the league(10 games) though

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Someone posted recently saying somewhere was selling Arsenal jerseys for 30 euro, can't find the post though, can anyone help me out?

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I had a dream last night that I was arguing with a mate whether we should play Bergkamp or Chamakh behind RVP against Utd.

I miss him...

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ImpossibleDuck said:
I had a dream last night that I was arguing with a mate whether we should play Bergkamp or Chamakh behind RVP against Utd.

I miss him...

Don't worry, he'll be back in a month!


Sounds like that "You've been Frimponged" sign is probably getting another run-out.

EDIT: Got it the wrong way round, herp de derp!

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