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I am going to fill out my cao in the next week or two and since the first time i read/heard about BIS iv been extremely interested.

I was certain about putting this number one until my guidance counsellor at school recently told me that i would need a high level of maths in order to do well in BIS.

This has me concerned as I do ordinary level maths and I am not fantastic at maths.

Iv been told that I would be better off doing something like Commerce.

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Look up the modules they do to see the level of maths required, modules.cit.ie

We're not back yet so you wont get many replies untill the end of the month.

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In first year you'll do a module "Maths and Statistics";

First Semester:

Descriptive Statistics
Formation of frequency distrbutions and cumulative frequency distributions. Histograms, ogives, Barcharts, boxplots,

Financial Maths
Compound Interest, Present value, Annuities, Amortisation, NPV, IRR.

Regression and correlation
Two-variable regression and correlation. Scatter diagram, least squares line, the coefficient of correlation r, interpretation of r, coefficient of determination.

Software Tools

Excel and SPSS procedures for statistical and financial analysis.

Second Semester:

Sampling Theory
Sampling Theory, Sample statistics, Sampling Distributions, standard error. Point and interval estimates for means and proportions.

Hypothesis Testing
Introduction to the concept of a test of hypothesis. Errors in hypothesis testing.

Classical Probability, Relative frequency definition. Compound events, mutually exclusive and independent events.

Probability Distributions
Discrete and Continuous variables. Probability Distributions. Expected value.

Software Tools
Excel and statistical software procedures for statistical and financial analysis.

I did OL Maths as well and found the module fine. It's really just a continuation of LC Maths. It's also the only mathematical module you'll do in the course besides the Accounting modules in 1st and 2nd year.

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I did the Bis degree and although I did higher level Maths for my LC i think you will get on fine with ordinary level maths

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Mats is same (almost) as you are doing now in your LC. Easy, just repeating all that you already know. Don't forget about programming module, many people are repeating it...

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The maths aspect is fine, you'll do well in this course if your actually interested in technology, you need to be good with logic, and have a good imagination, you also need to be a fairly steady worker and have the ability to get on well with people.

Good Luck, Its actually a great course, and can lead to a wide range of good jobs.

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