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Excellent tale- this is pretty much exactly how I would source another bike, with the minor exception of NOT involving Mrs I.
My MO would involve a bike appearing in the shed and hoping confusion reigns

Well wear with it...

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Thursday AM: 40 minutes on the turbo watching Ireland AM. Alas it is looking like I will have to go back to the attic and no TV before the weekend. However I have negotiated a TV for the attic at some stage but it will be a long way behind wardrobes and a couch in priority.

Thursday Lunch: Another 40 minutes on the turbo, 5 easy 5 hard.

Friday AM: A mainly kickboard set but there was a 1 x 400 with the pullbouy. There was a good looking young one in the lane beside me that was killing me all morning with the kickboard so I was out to get some respect when we turned to freestyle. She picked it up a bit when I went past her but I reckon she was holding back overall - a very good swimmer technically which is probably the first I have seen in this pool. Came in on 6.17 for the 400 with the pull buoy . I love my pull bouy but I may have miscounted as I wasn't pushing that hard.

Friday Evening: An hours Z2 run, I hope the kickboard was to blame as this was a real struggle. With no sign of the Polar strap I just decided to keep it as 5.00 pace and gradually let it drift out for the last few k with one eye on saturdays club duathlon

This should have been a race report but it ends up being a triumph of poor preparation. The valve on the deep section back wheel was too small for my pump to get a grip on so I called around to Gibbo looking for a tube with an extended valve who didn't have any either. Finally twigged that the valve on the front was detachable so I was able to stick it on the back and pump it. Then no sign of my Zoots, found them out in the shed with about 100 pairs of high heels waiting for some type of shoe cupboard to go in the attic. Replaced the training wheel and was almost ready to go dog late and realized the skewer was missing, ran up and no sign of the skewer in the shoebox so that was that. Gave up and had a coffee and some scones instead, Mrs C rings and I tell her my predicament, "oh is that what that is, i stuck it up in the drawer in the corner of the attic".

Went down and marshalled instead, and was kinda glad. A very laid back race and none of the top guys from the club were racing so I would have been the only eejit with an aero helmet and a TT bike on the day, probably a bit overkill. I was going to do the long run but I had missed my training window so went home.

Sunday AM: A rare, rare outing outside for me at this time of year. Needed to toughen up and see what the TT bike is like so off I went. I found some type of Blue-seventy overshoes I got a while back and they were great for the feet while the layers of clothes I had were keeping me warm.

Few things I learned

1. Hard to go down on the TT bars when you have about 5 layers of clothing on
2. A TT Bike has the turning capacity of an articulated lorry
3. Although manageable I got a few gusts from the side which gave me a fright with the S80's. But it was a windy enough day and no real problems there
4. A white bike is tough to keep white (baby wipes worked great here)

With the Garmin in the back pocket I was glad to see I ended up cycling 1.15 hours, I would have kept going if I knew as I was due to cycle 2 hours. While the pace was poor 2.22 minutes a k, I was pleased enough as i was taking it easy and stopped for a phonecall

Sunday Afternoon: With Mrs C off into town to meet the girls, I went up and finished off the cycle by doing another hour on the turbo and got a 40 minute brick run in at 5.21 pace AHR = 140. So it ended up being a good weeks training after all with no missed sessions.

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Monday: Rest day - I spent a while debating would I enter Joey Hannon as that is when Fink reckons I should race an Olympic. But after the disasters of Nenagh and Joey Hannon from a few years ago I decided against it. I am just not used to swimming in lanes with people and I tend to panic

Tuesday: Pudsey slept right through till 7.30 so I knew I wasn't going to have time to get the swim set in so I went down and did a few drills instead. My initial suggestion of me setting the alarm earlier "just in case he sleeps in" was a suggestion I shouldn't have made 1200m of mostly drills

Tuesday Lunch: A good run - the weather was crap and I dont like the discomfort of the higher end of zone 2. But was pleased to come in for 147 HR at 4.59 pace, I have been stuck on HR 152 for this run and pace for a few weeks now. Perhaps it was the shedding of a few layers of clothes as the weather is nice and mild. With me being in the office on monday I downloaded a few new dj sets so I had a Paul Oakenfold Planet Perfecto mix from a few years back which hit the spot

Wednesday AM:
Pudseys back with a vengence this morning and my wake up call was 5.15am. He drifted in and out of sleep for another hour or so but neither of us were getting any so I got up and did the full swim session and was home comfortably before 9 for a change. The session was sneaky, a lot of 4 x 50s freesty;le and drills off different times and finished off with a 4 x 100 off 2.00, it didnt look hard on paper but I was blowing hard at the end of it. 2000m swim

Wednesday Lunch: Today was supposed to be a brick run but with it lashing outside I wasn't going out in it. A 40 minute session on the turbo with a HR of 124. Was delighted with this, went for a high rpm and I eventually found I got it up the 130's and stayed there without too much strain

Wednesday Evening: Mrs C asked me was I out for a run at lunch so I said no it was too wet (I omitted the turbo session as she didn't ask). So i got a pass for a sneaky 50 minute session on the turbo again. Didnt kill myself here, perhaps it was the guilt AHR = 112

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Classic stuff

3 sessions in one day. You're a man on a mission!

Did you get the green card for the Carraroe Duathlon? I hear that the "vet" is racing and I assume the "banker" will be too.

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pgibbo said:

Did you get the green card for the Carraroe Duathlon? I hear that the "vet" is racing and I assume the "banker" will be too.

The banker is some man for the racing, he seems to be out every weekend!

I am not going to even ask her, shes out with the girls on the saturday and I have no doubt that will involve an early meal so I will be needed at headquarters babysitting

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Thursday Am: After a small bit of indecision I decided to go with one more round of Interesteds middle distance plan. I would expect that before I finish this Pudsey will be in his own room and I will be finished the base and on to build so the timing will be good to bump the distances up . Main section of this is 8 x 108 off 2.20 and I was coming on on high 1.40's low 1.50's for these

Thursday Lunch: 30 minutes of high rpm on the turbo, kept it in the 130's for most of it. I can get to this heart rate spinning it out but the legs fail on a harder gear to keep it there AHR = 128

Thursday Evening: Managed to get another hour in on the turbo, episode 5 of Game of Thrones and its picking up. I have never seen so much doggystyle in my life, would take a bit of explaining to a young lad but I have a few years before the birds and the bees come up. AHR = 117

Friday Morning: Pudsey slept in again, I didn't mind too much as it was my 4th swim in a row. With loads of kickboard in the session and mindful of being late back for work and an always tough friday run. I just stuck in the pull buoy and swam, took it easy and my priority was to keep the bilateral breathing all the way through. I find it easy to keep up when I am going easy but any pace injection and I am back to 2nd stroke. The pull on my right hand is definitely weaker than the pull on my left. Nice and easy 18.34 for 1000, 37.19 for 2000 and came in for 2500 on 46.14, I was tempted to go for the 3k as I was comfortable but I would have to push it for time so I left it

Friday evening:
I always dread the Z2 runs probably because unlike the cycling I know I can get to these heart rates and hold it. Almost always after 3k or so I start to enjoy it and today was no different. No Hr data picked up for the first three K but when it came on I was 148 at that stage - finished it in 152 average and 4.56 pace for the hour. Things are slowly improving - I seem to start daydreaming that I could put a serious dent into my HM time of 1.44.3x if I ever get around to one, its definitely soft

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Saturday AM: After trying to zap the lock on my car a few times to no avail, I realised that I must have inadvertently taken some poor lads keys from the dressing room the night before. Back to the gear bag and there was my set. Went down to drop them off and decided it would be foolish to not take advantage of a swim while I was there. After just having a big breakfast of eggs and toast to fuel a 3 hour bike ride I quickly binned the session after a fast 12 x 50 set for fear of puking. Total 1100m

Waterbabies was on beside me, which is something I am keen to get Pudsey on after his shots, however after seeing about 10 women and one slightly embarrassed fella spending the whole session singing Humpty Dumpty to his young lad, I am hoping Mrs C will be in charge there while I watch poolside proudly along with the other fathers

Saturday Lunch: I should have gone outdoors for the bike but I just wasnt organised enough and decided to watch the rugby instead. Boring game - but I enjoyed the England - Wales game after. 2.45 on the turbo with a 114 HR. Had to make a few stops during it so I would hope the true HR would have been nearer the 120's.

Sunday Morning: Took my time going for the run as Mrs C's head was tender from the girls night out. Went out at 12ish, I love the sunday run as it is an easier Z1/Z2 session so its more enjoyable. Finished 1.15 hours @ 5.19 pace and AHR = 136

Week 9 down with no missed sessions and a few extra swimming sessions thrown in

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Monday: Rest day

Tuesday AM: Pudsey was moved into his own room over the weekend and its going well so far as he is sleeping away no problems in there. A little bit ******y but I miss having him in the cot beside me. Anyways I now have the opportunity to increase the swim distances so I will move up to the long distance sessions after this round of middle distance is complete.

Main set this morning consisted of 12 x 54 off 1.00 and then 8 x 54 off .55 seconds

Tuesday Evening: Always a tough run and this evenings was no different. Need to get a new pair of runners the Saucony and Lunarglides are beginning to feel like they have no spring anymore. 1 hour @ 4.58 pace AHR = 149

Wednesday AM:
Left the swim too late this morning to complete the set so 2000m of drills with the fins stuck on me. Dont mind this too much as the set was tough and every 2nd day is more than enough.

Wednesday Evening:
An hour on the turbo with a reasonable HR of 124 for the session

Thursday AM: This one is a tough session with the main set of 6 x 216 off 4.00 minutes. Held the first two fine and then started to drift slowly out on 3,4 and 5. Pushing off at the last 216 I needed to swim a 3.50 to get in at 24 minutes. Where often before I would give up and coast, I gritted the teeth and teeth and got in on 3.48. I felt ok as well, swimming better than I was in earlier sessions, the extra speed probably helped my body position. A small few drills before I dogged out a 6 x 54 off 55 seconds, these are easier for the mind as you can convince yourself you don't have to hold that pace for long unlike the earlier one. 18 lengths as opposed to 77 for earlier.

On another note the Humbert Challenge opened today and I am licking my lips looking at the entry list so far. The school friend is back in this year again so training must be going well for him. The vet is in as well although I will need him to consume some more of those dodgy gels to have any chance of staying with him

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Some good training going on there! Maybe the "vet" and "school friend" will be in for a shock?

Took me a while to work out the length of the pool you were swimming in as I couldn't write in down as an algebric equation if I wanted to (I'm sure someone will).

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couerdelion said:
Took me a while to work out the length of the pool you were swimming in as I couldn't write in down as an algebric equation if I wanted to (I'm sure someone will).

Damn 18m pool. I have been switching lengths to cater for the spreadsheet with my proper times on it. I gave up and just work off 54, 108, 216 and seeing as I am only 4m short of 400 I go 396 there rather than 432. With my Garmin left on one side of the pool it has to finish on a even number also

It might well be massaging my times with the extra kicks off the wall as opposed to the old 25m pool but at least its consistent times now that I can work off.

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I've always had a fear that my pool is an 18m pool - the gym says it's a 20m pool but I've never actually measured it. It would be too depressing to think that I was actually 10% slower than I already think I am

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catweazle said:
Waterbabies was on beside me, which is something I am keen to get Pudsey on after his shots, however after seeing about 10 women and one slightly embarrassed fella spending the whole session singing Humpty Dumpty to his young lad, I am hoping Mrs C will be in charge there while I watch poolside proudly along with the other fathers

b0ll0cks! The 2 water babies classes I went to this year were the most enjoyable pool sessions I've ever had. Make sure you do at least one. It's an amazing experience IMO!

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Thursday Evening: An easy Z1 hour of turbo with high rpm

Friday Evening:
1 hour at 4.45 pace AHR = 149. With this plan I am more or less down to 3 runs a week at the moment which is a lot less than I am used to and I have been questioning it lately. For some reason something finally kicked in on this run, I set off and glanced at the Garmin after a couple of minutes and saw I was running at 3.58 pace after .6 of a k. I was surprised as I felt I was running as normal. Slowed it down and came in on the first k at 4.40 pace. HR staying nice and low and it was pretty effortless. Was ticking along nicely feeling great - came up to the usual drag up to the turn - I was listening to kaskades The Game album and after a soft enough opening the beat really started to kick in at this stage. I usually find I am out to 5.15/5.20 pace to keep HR in the mid 150's at this stage but my old raver days were coming back and with a few grunts of Go on and Come on I stayed on sub 5 min pace, HR still in mid 150's but at 4.55 pace. Back down and into the gym to finish and I was delighted to see 4.45 pace at HR of 149 overall. Thats about 10 seconds a k faster and 3 beats a minute slower than my previous best. Perhaps it can be explained as simply as no wooly hat for a change.

Saturday Afternoon:
2 hours on the turbo - the plan wants 3 hours but through my own fault 2 hours was all I had. Finally dug out the old laptop so I had Game of Thrones on one laptop and an endurance session from the Turbo training website on the other. I could have done another 30 minutes but I was hitting the last episode of Game of Thrones and I didn't want to have to stop it half way through it. Am going to ban the TV from the midweek sessions from now on as there will be some injections of pace with the build phase

Sunday: It was Pudseys christening today and I could have gone out before the church for the LSR, but with monday being a rest day I decided it would be "appreciated" if I took sunday as the rest day instead and go out for a run on monday instead. Enjoyed the day - Mrs C gave the breastfeeding a day off and it was nice to crack open a nice bottle of wine when we got home after

So besides a long run tonight the base phase is over, before friday I would have questioned how well it suited me run and bike with less volume than I am used to but certainly after friday and 12+ks of comfortable 4.45 pace, I thought of my 45.01 10k pb and I reckon I will be looking to break that in Kilkee all going well.

Strangely for me looking forward to injecting a bit of pace with the build phase, its a long time since the heart rate was over 160

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Be careful what you wish for!

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How many weeks is your plan?

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