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Over on bargain alerts there is a thread on halogen ovens. I'm not big on gadgets as in my experience I always end up going back to the traditional way of cooking and the gadget sits gathering dust (eg breadmaker).

So I'm interested to hear what you people who enjoy cooking - and eating - think of them. Would you roast a chicken in one? Or have you tried it and gone back to a conventional oven?

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I used one (same as the Lidl one in the BA thread) before Christmas after borrowing it from a friend. It was fine, but they are quite large, which might be annoying if you're stuck for storage.

I'd prefer a slow cooker, tbh, which is what we have now. I don't know about doing a roast chicken. I think you can only do an hour at a time, so you'd have to keep an eye on it.

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previous discussion on them here, I love mine, they are 29.99 in Dunnes

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Does anyone know if they still have these in dunnes?

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