Jacquelina123 Registered User

Need Organic Chemistry grinds in the Waterford Area or near by like Wexford Kilkenny or Carlow.

southkilkenny Registered User


I'm not sure if you have already got somebody to give you organic chemistry grinds but if not then I might be able to help. I have a PhD in organic chemistry from WIT and also got a first in the Applied Chemistry with quality management course.
I am living approx 15 mins drive from Waterford city.

Let me know if you would like grinds and we can talk further.

jbishbosh Registered User

Hi SouthKilkenny,

I am a first year student in NUI Galway and I live in South Kilkenny.I am looking for Grinds in chemistry and wonder if you can assist?

southkilkenny Registered User

Hi jbishbosh,

What areas or topics do you need grinds in? I am in the Mooncoin area, whereabouts are you located and would you be able to come to me? I guess it would be at weekends which suits me fine.

jbishbosh Registered User

im living in Mooncoin myself so would i be able to get your contact details and we can organise something if possible, thanks

karengrace Registered User

hi southkilkenny, i am in my 3rd yr doing chemistry in CIT so i was wondering if you do grinds in cork area? need help urgently

southkilkenny Registered User

Hi Karengrace,

Unfortunately I do not have time to take on grinds for the remainder of this year due to work commitments.

Apologies I could not be of more help this time.

karengrace Registered User

its okay

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