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Hello! I am in my final semester in psychology in UL and I would love to do a masters in OT anywhere in the UK (the reason for this is there are many masters that are funded by the NHS). I would lvoe any tips on the application process and the interview. I am a volunteer for an organization for people with intellectual disabilities and I am signed up for a first aid course. I am also in the process of gettin in touch with some Occupational Therapists one which I would hope to shadow. Is there anything else I should be doing any tips??? ANy information would be greatly appreciated thanks


Seems your pretty sorted in terms of work exp. I would just say to shadow a couple of OT's if possible (I know its very hard). I'm also applying to the UK for the masters for Sep 2012. I applied to UL aswell, but like you I think I'd rather head to the UK. Where you thinking of applying in the UK? I was looking at Cumbria (already applied, still to hear back), Bangor and Queen Margaret in Edinburgh

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I am fairly sure that the NHS no longer pays for anything. Check with the individual Universities, last year was the last year x

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