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In the process of clearing my parents house out a bit and I need to hire a midi skip.Would anyone know which company would be cheapest to hire one from?



Most are around €120-€130, might be better off with a skip bag around €50 and if you need another later still only €100 and stops some knob filling you skip over night.

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Cheers,got one for €125 in the end,least I didn't pay over the odds.


Is it at the front of the house or at the back, and is it full yet.
Had a few problems clearing out houses before, ordered a skip came about 4pm so came back to fill it the next day, there was a 3 seater in it.
Had one around the back of a house in a lane way filled it and called for it to be collected the next day when the truck arrived I found the skip emptied all over the lane, knackers had gone through it for scrap metal which was gone.

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I would recommend Payless Skip Hire.
I had never heard of them until I saw reference to them in another thread on I tried them for a midi skip a few weeks ago and they were the cheapest at €125. Also they were very pleasant to deal with.
Personally I do not see the point of those plastic bag things instead of skips - they cost as much and do not hold a lot.

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When the skip was delivered this morning a member of the travelling community pulled up in his van and asked me was I putting any metal in the skip.

The skip guy told me that he follows him from house to house when he's delivering skips!

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You should also try for North Dublin / South Dublin skip hire, their prices do seem to be one of the best.

disclaimer: I designed the site for them

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PDS said:
I get about 3 Skips per year as i have a large garden and you would not beleive the amount of Sh**e that i have to get rid of. I have used a number of skip companies over the years and to be honest i have had only one bad experince and i'm not going to give bad press to anybody but i will never use The lads with the 1 clapped out truck and the bent rusty bins. they are cheaper but when you see your garden contents dumped in a gateway its a bit of a worry. last week after looking on the web and about 4 phone calls i came across a company called after looking at their website which was very easy to navigate i got talking to their sales guy. First of all he gave me the best price i was offered. only a fiver cheaper but as you all know. every penny counts, i was also told that i could keep for extra days with no charge. So i ordered the skip on monday to be dropped on Wednesday morning at 10 am. it arived at 10.25. with a driver that was very helpfull and repeated the same as the office told me about the extra days without charge. They rang the following Monday to see if i was finished with the skip and i told them that it would be ready for collection the following morning. Tuesday morning the same driver arived and made me feel that he was glad of my custom. Just in case you think i am promoting this company. I am not. Its just that if i spend a € i like to think that the people that get it, appricate it. So well done Pacon i will use your company again and i will recomend you to all my friends.

Forget their phone number but their web address is

Sounds like your a sales rep for pacon

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the Fockers in ww are charging 195 for a 4 cu/yd skip!!!. No wonder the wicklow mountains are in the state they are.... (oK , before you ruin your teeth, I know it doesn't justify )

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I would also like to recommend Pacon. Was having work done on the house fitted wardrobes & new floor fitted in the last while. I called in on a Tuesday morning about 11am & skip was delivered by 1pm. Was also told extra days hire was no extra charge. I got a standard skip & paid €180 was quoted €175 by another company but they wouldn't have delivered it till Wednesday so didn't mind paying a fiver more for same day service. Skip was lifted same day I called for collection & driver was very pleasant on both occasions. I called 01-8417000 to order skip.

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