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I want to record TV onto my LG hard drive/DVD recorder/player. My TV is a Panasonic. It's all new equipment. I just can't figure out how to get UPC to come through the DVD unit. Does anyone know how to do this?

MarkR Moderator

Assuming the upc has a scart connection, connect the scart connection from the upc box to the scart on the dvdr. DVDR should have a scart labled tv, connect that to tv. Set dvdr to record from scart.

AliKat Registered User

Thanks MarkR, the thing is, the dvdr only has one scart socket. It does have an HDMI socket, but that won't do it. The TV only has one scart socket too :-(

AliKat Registered User

It seems odd that the dvdr only has one scart socket doesn't it? I mean the maker must have had cable TV (such as UPC) in mind when he designed it... I don't understand why it doesn't seem possible. There MUST be a way. (scratching head and pulling faces!)

MarkR Moderator

Could we get the models of the tv and dvd recorder? UPC box too if possible. May need to use another type of connection and I want to see what's available.

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The cheaper LG DVD recorder on their website only appears to have a component out on the box for video.

In that case, you need one of thse to hook it up to the TV:

It's a SCART to Component cable, you should be able to get it anywhere that sells TVs.

prettygurrly Registered User

is there no aerial connection between the dvd and tv? just your bog standard coaxial cable with correct female/male ends. if you had the coaxial then you can connect the UPC box to dvd by scart. set dvd to record on EXT1 (or whatever your scart input is called), which should show the UPC on your tv. your tv should show the UPC picture on a channel as opposed to AV.

AliKat Registered User

Hi thanks for your help folks. The make of the dvdr is LG and

the model is HR 600.

It's got it all - wifi, 250GB HDD, 3D Blu-ray with Freeview+ (??!- I'm not even sure what that is).

The TV is Panasonic Viera TX-L32C3B

On the antenna question I have 2 of those male/female leads (black , simple leads with roundy ends). The dvdr has 2 sockets for them, an “in” and an “out” – so from the dvdr one is plugged into the “out” socket and the other end of it is in the TV. The other one is plugged into the “in” socket and the other end of that one is in the UPC box.

The dvdr and the TV both have HDMI ports too.

On the TV, when I hit the AV button, the menu on the screen called “input selection” displays the following options: AV1, AV2, COMPONENT, HDMI1, HDMI2, TV, SD Card.

I hope this helps… I sure do appreciate your suggestions.


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