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As an extra I have come across a lot of Cowboy extras lately.

What I have found is that there seems to be no shortage of people who lose the run of themselves and offer themselves as "Extras"

I have seen the results up on youtube and numerous shorts and just wonder is the problem directors that wont pay for a proper actor or crappy extras fooling clients who don't know any better and are happy to post and use badly acted shorts ?

These so called "Actors" are undermining the professionalism and art of acting it annoys me when I see bad results online and every tom dick and harry pro-porting to be an expert.

While the term Actor is not copyrighted and can be used by anyone it just seems lately that the work of actors is being devalued because
"anyone can do the job" as far as the client is concerned.

Obviously the results that they are getting do not compare to the results of a proper Professional but more and more clients seem to care less and less and just want to churn out shorts.

So my question is has anyone else found their extras work affected by "Cowboys" and how have you got around these problems. Is it more of an issue for shorts or have other areas like feature films been affected?

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DaireQuinlan said:
As an extra I have come across a lot of Cowboy extras lately.

Yer way off topic cowboy

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artyeva said:
what sineadw said - and also the gosh-darned-feel-good factor of being part of a creative collaborative process, where the sum of the participants is greater than the whole. or the whole is greater than the sum of the participants? i can never get that right. it's addictive


lol saw a boardsie in one of the pictures!

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