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Has anyone done this course in UCC http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/ace/what/short/jan/genealogy/

Considering it but not sure what it would have really...

pinkypinky Moderator

Oh it's news to me that there is a course on genealogy in Cork!

It looks quite comprehensive, though I'd question the need to go into a couple of those topics for beginners.

Coolnabacky1873 Registered User

Interesting looking course. Have to wonder why the history parts of the first three sections are included unless it's to explain about the Milesian descent myth, annals genealogies etc..

Jellybaby1 Registered User

This looks slightly similar to the UCD course?

pinkypinky Moderator

Jellybaby1 said:
This looks slightly similar to the UCD course?

Not really - it's only a one term thing, whereas UCD's course is 6 10 week modules over 3 years. The first term of UCD's course wouldn't cover everything on that list in detail because it's the beginner's class.

dido2 Registered User

Thanks for the replies

I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth my while doing it as I'm doing my own family tree or if I've enough with what I can find on line.....

mrkdips Registered User

Hi there
I did this course last quarter of 2011 and found it really interesting. Like some of the posts I did wonder about the need to go into the history but after a few weeks it began to show that knowing what was happening in ireland or the relevant county really helps to understand the data you are researching. Well worth doing -Tony McCarthy is the lecturer and is a well known genealogist and has written many books - he was the original founder of Irish Roots Magazine.

Definitely worth a try out - I still refer to the notes

davidjcie Registered User

I also completed the course. I thought it very ggod and well worth while. Tony McCarthy is a very good lecturer and knows his subject.

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