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Hi guys,

Quick question for you. I've asked the same in a reply to an earlier email also with regard to this RMA, but I'm hoping a quicker response can be had here. I've just got the RMA number after filling out the form, and I'm wondering:

Is it possible for returns to be dropped off at the pick-up point? I'm trying to return a 5.1 system, and it's very heavy and would probably cost an arm and leg to post.

Also, is it possible to get the replacement item shipped to a different address? The 5.1 system was a Christmas present, delivered to my parents house, but obviously I'd like it shipped directly to me in this case.

Thank in advance,


Yes deliveries can be dropped off at our pick up point just ensure you have your KIE number with you.

Yes returns can be sent to whatever address is suits you - provided it's in Rep. of Ireland.

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Great, thanks very much for the reply. Hopefully I can get this dropped out to you today.

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Just a quick poke to see if there's any updates / estimates on this.

Thanks in advance,


Hey there

Our RMA's go back to Netherlands, your return has now shipped back to them. In general you should be hearing from them this week to update you on what's happening, it is the RMA dept busiest time of the year, so timelines may be running a bit longer than normal.

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Great, thanks for the quick reply.

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Just recieved confirmation that my RMA is being shipped back, I was told to call you to set up a different shipping address when I got the email, but of course I can't get through on the phone because of the ever-present auto-disconnect-when-busy thing you have going.

If you'd like, I can PM you the desired shipping address instead.



The Return will ship back to the pick up point, and once it's here the service dept will email you with 2 options; collect @ pick up point or delivered an address of your choice via courier (free of charge).

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Excellent! Thanks.

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Just wondering if there's been any updates on this?

(I'm impatient, I know. I've been waiting weeks for this system; can't help it. )


It arrived in with us today. Customer Service should have already notified you?

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I got the email about five minutes before you posted that.

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Received the speakers at half eight this morning, a mere 18 hours after I emailed notifying Komplett that I would like it delivered to me.

Thanks very much lads, very happy with the service!


Dear Serephucus,

Glad to hear you received your speakers, I hope they serve you well.

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