kingaaa Registered User

Zab said:
I did warn you about that

The pair on the hard drives looked longer, you might try swapping them. Other than that, yeah you can buy extension.

that you did!!!! Tried that alreedy, no joy. How about a double adaptor?? I recon I could get a 4th drive in-between the original two!!!!

stop Registered User

Just unboxed mine, thanks OP

Anyone have issues with the top side usb ports not working?

jspuds Registered User

Any similar deals, looking for a machine with much the same spec?

vodkatime Registered User

Mine arrived today. Cant believe how quite it is compared to my last dell. You would hardly know it was on..
I'm really happy with it. It was some bargain.
Thanks again OP

Jaegermeister Registered User

Mine's just arrived now. Gonna set it up and I'll post later once I've had a look at it.

Jaegermeister Registered User

Well so far I am very impressed with it. Thanks again OP for letting us know about it.

The 530 can handle games like WoW pretty well. I have increased quality and draw distance and the game still plays pretty smooth.

The only regret is that I didn't get a wireless card with it but I can get a USB one anyway I suppose.

I'll work on removing the bloatware over the weekend. Is the PCdecrapifier that someone posted earlier on the best tool for this or has anyone any other suggestions?

Lawrenceb32 Registered User


I came across this forum the other day, while looking for users who had recently purchased a Dell XPS 8300.

I ordered one on Christmas Eve, using a 15% discount voucher and free delivery, and it's due to be delivered on Monday.

The spec are as follows :-

Intel Core i7-2600 Processor(3.40GHz,8MB)
Windows 7 Ultimate + backup disc
12GB Memory
2TB Dual Hard Drive Raid 0 "Stripe" (2x1TB - 7200RPM)
24in ST2420L UK/Irish Full HD WLED Widescreen Monitor
2GB AMD Radeon HD 6950
SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Card
6X Blu-Ray ROM combo & 16X DVD+/-RW Drives
Logitech Z506 Speakers
3 Years Next Day In-Home Service with Premium Phone Support

When I did a recheck on the Dell site recently, the same spec model came out over £1000 more expensive!!

I've had Dell PC's before, so hoping this will be just as good as my XPS 420 has been over the last 4/5 years.



Eoghan41 Registered User

anyone else's machine giving off a very high pitched noise?

Simona1986 Registered User

Eoghan41 said:
anyone else's machine giving off a very high pitched noise?

No, mine is nice and quiet. Only noise I can really make out is whenever the 2nd drive spins up after being inactive for a while.

jspuds Registered User

Any current discount codes or similar offers?

deconduo Moderator

jspuds said:
Any current discount codes or similar offers?

If you're interested in a computer, pop over to Building&Upgrading. Fill out the questions in my sig. You can easily get a better quality computer for less than what Dell charges.

ionapaul Registered User

Simona1986 said:
No, mine is nice and quiet. Only noise I can really make out is whenever the 2nd drive spins up after being inactive for a while.


Mine must be the quietest desktop I've ever owned, a big change from my last one, which could sometimes sound like it was going to take off when under load!

Eoghan41 Registered User

I know I do have very sensitive ears to frequencies such as the one I heard but I did read reports on the internet of similar problems. Having had dell issue me with a new graphics card and the problem not resolved I was about to just put it down to being a fundamental sound, albeit extremely irritating sound, which the PC must naturally make. However I couldn't stand the prospect of facing that sound for years so I continued looking for a solution. I found it in the BIOS of the PC. Under CPU settings ,there is one called C6 control or something like that. Once I disabled it I found the sound had disappeared! So if anybody else experiences such a high pitched frequency,i would definitely reccomend starting there!

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