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This is from AUSTRALIA and its interesting!!

Channel 7: http://anonym.to/

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However the only legal Irish /UK/CE UHF "CB" is very low power FM in the 864 to 868MHz band. Much lower power than the PMR446 UHF "CB" (8 FM channels at 446MHz, the "lots" of channels are fake, just selective calling).

Also Ireland and UK do not allow "Repeaters" for CB (26MHz to 27MHz approx), 49MHz SRD, 446MHz or 864MHz "SRD" licence free bands.

Outdoor 2.4GHz with "repeaters" (WiFi Nodes) maybe using MMDS type dishes is widely done and while 2.4GHz is "Licence Free" the EIRP of some systems is definitely a grey area regulation wise 2.4GHz FM Video Senders have also been used outdoors.

In Ireland though 5.8GHz is licence free Video Senders and WiFi indoors, in the past certainly any outdoors application was supposed to be registered with Comreg. I haven't checked on the status of that for a while. Most Wireless ISPs now use 3.6GHz and 10.6GHz licensed and thus "protected" spectrum.

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Im listening to the UHF CB now!! (A bunch of people on)

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Dude111 said:
Im listening to the UHF CB now!! (A bunch of people on)

Are you using the internet to listen to them or a real radio?

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Just click the link i posted above!

Alot on right now also!!!!!!! (The last 2 days have been quite active)

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That link just ants to download something to my computer
Open with caution its just showwing a redirect page.

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OOPS your right!! (It tries to DL 180 Megs of the file) -- I guess using ANONYM.TO doesnt apply with this link!!

Just open this in your player buddy


Historically the UK had a UHF CB band around 934MHz consisting of 20 channels (there were proposals to increace this to 40 or even 80 but it never came to anything) Japan had a more "high tech" version (DTMF addressing and auto channel selection) system around the same frequency.

Dont think there was an official allocation in Ireland but no doubt some gear made its way into the country regardless.

In the UK it was regarded as a more upmarket version of CB (compared to 27 MHz) the gear was more expensive but there was less of the "skip" interference which plauged* 27 MHz. However the allocation was withdrawn in the late 1990's to make way for GSM mobile phones.

* Not everyoe regarded 27MHz skip as unwelcome of course

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No, the 934MHz was a UK thing. Not much different to PMR446, so not very popular with CB fans due to expense and poor range.

It's a pity CB repeaters are not allowed. Though it's not hard to pass Amateur exam and then there are some European 10m repeaters (I worked one in Switzerland from Limerick during an opening). There is supposed to be a Galway 10m repeater, but I've never heard it.

The "head" of my 2m/70cm Icom IC2800 was stolen in driveway, they smashed car window for it. Since then I've not been on 2m/70cm mobile and hardly ever 2m in shack.

In shack I can open Limerick, Galway, Cork 2m and occasionally Helvic, no CTSS on it as it's an old Icom 740, so the repeaters with that don't work. Years ago there were interesting folk to talk to. But hardly ever. Also when driving the last thing you want is someone via badly set up echo link.

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934MHz in the UK was always an upmarket CB, given how dear the equipment was relative to 27MHz gear. I always remember seeing ads for the Cybernet Delta (the only 934 radio I ever saw in the flesh) and thinking they were mega bucks.

Not sure the comparison to PMR446 is valid though given you could use base equipment and beam antennas legally. The range between base stations could be quite a distance, and on a much quieter band than 27. I'd say only well-to-do enthusiasts used it, and the band was removed eventually.

Personally I'd love to see PMR446 extended to allow for base units and antennas, and an upgrade in power allowed to a few watts. Don't think it will ever happen though, for a number of reasons.

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I didnt think anywhere was as bad as the USA is on CB UNTIL I HEARD THIS AUSSIE STREAM!!!!!!!

Man oh man!!

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