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Day N Night is just awful, awful music (and I'm a Cudi fan). He has some really great tracks that most people don't know about, haven't heard his new album yet but will give it a listen during the week.

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Blu & Madlib have released an album called UCLA which I have to say is pretty damn good!

Btw the album cover is excellent.......but it's NSFW so be warned!


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That's my winner for album cover of the year locked down already anyway .

I just had a look there and Blu has taken the mixtape down now. According to PreFix mag:

So it turns out that Madlib was never involved with UCLA, his "joint" mixtape with Blu. That's what Pitchfork was told by Madlib's label, Stones Throw. Jeez.

Hopefully I'll find it somewhere.

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Two guys, Havehitta and DJ Unexpected have put together a pretty interesting project, a Ghostface and Preemo EP. I recognise dome of Ghost's verses from Fishscale. The beats are class. Everything goes together pretty nicely.

Maybe this might convince Preemo and Ghost to get together and put out some music.

The more I listen to it the more I think it's amazing. Some classic martial arts cuts in it. Gonna download it now I think.

The second song, Shaolin V Lama, is probably the best on it. Sick choon.

Never the types to rest on their laurels, Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected incorporate a new idea into their already diverse catalog. Known as the Mixtaep (the last 2 letters purposely reversed), it will come to be known as a mixtape EP for free download. These will be released occasionally, with various themes accompanying the project. For the first entry, they present “Duel Of The Iron Fists”, starring Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan and DJ Premier, legendary producer and 1/2 of Gangstarr. Continuing with their already infamous “Martial Arts Mixtape” series, this one features Ghostface Killah vocals over DJ Premier beats, with various kung-fu movie samples mixed in. Keeping a firm grip on their motto, “Enjoy And Be Educated”, there are also breakbeat sections for said artists, with original samples presented which would be the foundation for their respective hits. DJ Unexpected has also provided a write-up for the project, detailing the inspirations for each track presented here. Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected would like to thank all of their supporters and the artists involved for the inspiration. Enjoy and be Educated!

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Ja Rule released PIL 2 today all reviews have generally had good things to say about it. A few tracks from it:

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Real Life Fantasy
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Never Had Time
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& Black Vodka

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Keno 92 said:
WZRD has been leaked.

Cudi is going mad on Twitter tonight. Apparently his label only shipped 55k copies of his album out.

He should get off Universal as soon as possible. Not a big fan of Cudi but they are a joke. Chamillionaire had problems with them for years. Difference was he stood up to them and said no when they told him what songs they wanted him to record.

The world would be a far better place if there were no record labels at all. People would be able to put out music the way they want and not have to pander to some bull**** executive who spends his whole day in an office and hasn't a clue at all about the music he is supposed to be promoting.

It's no wonder really that most artists mistapes are better than their albums, content wise.

If he sticks with them after this shambles then he deserves to be ****ed with. Independent is the way to go. Two many cooks spoiling the broth in the majors.

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MOTM3 on hold till 2014?

Jimmy Iovine Registered User

If he sticks with Universal then it'll be closer to 2016 I'd say taking their sheer ineptitude into account.

PrettyBoy Registered User

That's too bad, 55k copies are they having a laugh? At least Cudi isn't taking it sitting down, if I were him I'd keep going at the label, this happens way too often.

Jimmy Iovine Registered User

He has no hope of making any dent in the charts with that number. He'd want to be careful airing his dirty laundry on Twitter though. He could end up being in breach of his contract or something and get sued. Last thing he wants right now.

Fight them behind closed doors and then proclaim to the world that he is off the label.

He should never have signed up for that album in the first place. No use complaining now that the label were getting him to rush through on this album. If they didn't like it then that's their fault, but now he's the one that's being made to pay.

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More and more cases of happening with labels and their artists, I know 50 had a similar dispute with interscope over material and promotion seems like this is the price artists pay for bashing their label.

Lupe is another one that springs to mind!

Doing this can make an artist look irrelevant and bad in more ways than one IMO.

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Zero-Cool Wanted Level

New DMX with Machine Gun Kelly, really liking this. I don't like the new Ja Rule stuff at all, nice to hear an oldie come back with something decent!

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Big K.R.I.T.'s nixtape, "4Eva n a Day", drops in 2 days time.

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