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Just got this in an e-mail, they've given two bank account details - Deutsche Postbank AG Dortmund and another for Sparkasse Soest. Is either grand - "Intended Purpose" # but different everything else; BIC SWIFT, IBAN, Bank code etc.

It says "Payment type: prepayment
Please pay on credit transfer to successional account.
Please use exclusively one of these accounts, even if you know further admits of accounts."

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Yep, choose one. I've used the Deutsche Postbank AG Dortmund account before, no problems.

Just remember to put your reference number in so they know who the money is coming from!

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Markd250 said:
Just remember to put your reference number in so they know who the money is coming from!

Is the order # or the intended purporse # the right one to put in?

Here's what i got to take to the bank

Order No. 150231xxxx (after i ordered on HWVS.ie)
Intended purpose: V1829865-143xxxx (in the e-mail i got)

Beneficiary Country: Germany
Beneficiary Name: hardwareversand.de GmbH
Beneficiary Address 1: Daimlerweg 4,
Beneficiary Address 2: Registergericht Arnsberg
Beneficiary Address 3: HRB 5956, 59821 Arnsberg
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): DE73440100460731239469
Swift Address (BIC): PBNKDEFF
Beneficiary Bank Name: DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG
Beneficiary Bank Address 1: Deutsche Postbank AG
Beneficiary Bank City: Dortmund

I just want it done on my side

Markd250 Registered User

Intended purpose - I had forgotten what wording they use for it!

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Got the bank transfer done today. And now we play the waiting game

Oh my God i'm dying!

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Hey guys, been reading up on constructing PCs over the last few days. Have a few Qs -

1. i'm getting a i5 2500k & a Z68 mobo. Does the monitor cable go into the mobo or graphics card?

2. I have an external dvd drive, a working (old) PC, and a Win 7 install DVD. What's the best way to install Win 7 on a new, blank SSD for the new PC? (I worry a new computer can't recognise an external DVD-drive without windows so i'll have to use the old PC in some way.)

3. Can you guys recommend an expansion slot for usbs? Will any do? How about this? Em, would USB 3.0 slots make 2.0 USB external hard drives read/transfer faster?

Thanks for reading

ShadowHearth Registered User

1. You connect pc in to gpu.

2. I have no idea how it work to be honest. I know for sure I couldn't install it as win7 did not liked any USB devices plugged in while installing.

3. It will work faster only if drive USB 3.0 too. If its 2.0 it will work as 2.0

Monotype Registered User

With Z68 boards you can connect to either, but you should probably connect to the card for better performance. If you connect to the board, you can take advantage of the Lucid Virtu technology which allows you to switch between the onboard and dedicated GPUs. It could be handy for video conversion and power savings, but realistically you don't save a whole lot although it could depend on how you use your system.

You could try installing from a USB flash drive.

What SH says about USB is true. You can't upgrade existing USB ports. They only give you two normally, and possibly an onboard header for more with most motherboards. If you want more USB 3 ports, you have make sure that it's USB 3 expansion ports that you're buying.

Completionist Registered User

You could download a .iso of windows 7, Install via USB then use your product key from your current windows to activate it?


Yeah, its way better to install windows 7 off a flash drive. download a iso off the microsoft website (make sure it matches the version of windows you bought) and then use the windows 7 download tool to mount it to the usb drive.

jaykhunter Moderator

Thanks guys. I'm convinced my current/old computer is sentient. It knows I've ordered a new computer - I've lost two hard drives in the last two weeks. One external, one internal; 2.5TB gone

the internal sata was grand, then the computer turned itself off for a split second and started reloading windows, secondary SATA not found; won't spin up at all. Tried changing the sata cable and power lead (with a hdd that works - the cables work) and nothing

anything i can do?

Monotype Registered User

With the external one, you could open up the enclosure and connect it to the SATA ports inside the PC, unless it's an older drive. It might void warranty though.

If there's any specific thing that could be causing problems like a dying PSU, it might be worth your while to wait until you have the new PC in your hands.

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Cheers, i'll put the kaput HDD in the new comp; hopefully; but i think it's brown bread. Sigh! Hey, do i need to buy thermal paste separately when building a pc? Does it not come with the processor/processor fans?

HWVS money cleared with this this morning; hope they send it off 2n/2m morn

Monotype Registered User

Yeah, you do get some if you ordered a separate heatsink or you get a thermal pad sort of thing or stuff already on the heatsink if you go with the stock Intel one.

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Would it be worth putting my sb live sound card in the new CPU with the z68 mobo in? Like which would sound better?

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