wicklori Registered User

Well 2011 was the most amazing year so almost afraid to look forward to good things this year as I don't want to be disappointed! Got engaged and married last year so maybe this year...

  • enjoy great honeymoon
  • start the baby process....
  • maybe finish the (first) baby process.....
  • lose a few more pounds before the above two
  • debts gone so save like mad!
  • enjoy life with my husband and not be constantly thinking about 'what's next'!!!
  • make the best of changes at work and be more productive

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MaggieMc74 Registered User

For 2012
1. Move in together with boyfriend
2. Stand up to my sister and not be taken for a mug
3. Win the lotto

Thats all

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I have a job interview soon for the job of my dreams so I would like this.
To have money in my pocket or bank account for a change.
To meet new people, make new friends & have a boyfriend.
I also plan to do some more travel.

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PrincessLola Registered User

All these baby posts really make me want a baby My biological clock is starting way too early in my life!

Anyway my goals:

Graduate from University
Get fit and continue losing weight
save enough money to buy a new laptop

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Marshmallowie Registered User

- Graduate in August
- Find a job of some sort
- Become debt free

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Iconwine Registered User

My life is going to start this year Cannot wait to turn over a new leaf and move out of ireland!!

Gunslinger92 Registered User

Going on holidays to Lanzarote in July with my boyfriend, it will be my first holiday since 2009 and our first holiday together Can't wait!

[Rasta] Registered User

Strangely looking forward to my co-op in ballina, although I don't know anyone there.
Looking forward to the delicious meals my bro cooks.
Interested to see what this semester will challenge me with, in maths.
Almost half-way through my course already!

Kash Registered User

2011 was a wonderful year, I married the man of my dreams, and went on honeymoon to Thailand.

2012 has a lot to live up to... but I am pregnant with our first child, so I think it will manage.

I am really just looking forward to expanding our family

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ilmm2012 Registered User

Ive been saving for 2 years and I now cant wait to go to Disney in florida with my hubby and 4 kids in October

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Julybride Registered User

Go back to college & further my education= I have found the courage to do so
Stay in my current job that I love
Remember what I have & be grateful for it rather than sometimes lusting after something I think I need, when I really don't!
Enjoy my wedding in July
Go back to the gym = just need to find more hours in the day for that one!
Let some of my fears go and enjoy life!

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cynder Registered User

March - daughters conformation

May - Holiday to Italy with my mom, husband and 3 kids
June - Flora mini marathon (my first one) + my birthday + daughters last day at primary school.
July - sons 7th birthday
August - wedding anniversary
September - daughters 13th birthday and starts secondary school
October - sister in laws 50th birthday bash + weekend away
November - moms coming to visit for a week
December - sons 6th birthday and Christmas

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Such an inspiring thread
I look forward to a time when I can leave the past in the past, face the present, evaluate my options...and adjust my sails.

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2012 is exciting for me. It will be the year I get a PROPER JOB!

I spent five years in university getting an undergrad and then a Masters to get into my chosen field (overseas development). I then worked in the bottom rung (admin) of an NGO to get my foot in the door for a year. Last year I secured a paid internship in India with the same NGO which is what I'm doing now - I'm 6 months in and loving it. By August I will be finished my internship and will finally have both the academic qualifications and experience needed to get a real proper job in my field... 7 years after my journey started!

(Yes, it really is that hard to get into overseas development! NGOs won't pay you unless you are super qualified as well as experienced.)

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wivy Registered User

Was reading the 'what are you looking forward to' thread and remembered this one...
Did you fulfil your 2012 ambitions?...

wivy said:
Complete my diploma.
Secure a new contract in my job.
Go on lots of dates, push the boundaries! Go new places, meet lots of new people, enjoy myself!
Go on a sun holiday/travel!
Be happy and healthy!

Did all except the dates! 2 in 2012!

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