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Thanks! Do certain kits only cater for specific beers or is this one an all rounder? as I know he is interested in brewing wheat beer. Thanks again!

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I'm trying to avoid using the word kit to mean equipment, but yes: the equipment in that link is for making any type of beer or cider. You'll find beer kits for wheat beer on any homebrew site. If they're 1.5kg kits, they'll need topping up and a kilo of spraymalt is best for this.

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Austo77 said:
Morning gentlemen, you might be able to help me.

I'm on my 5th or 6th homebrew at this stage ( all have gone really well) and decided to stop using basic kits adding my own sugars/yeasts and move to the Brupaks kits where they give you hops & grain etc.

Got a Pilsner, fermentation had stopped after about 10 days in the fermenter (22-24 degrees) but it took ages for the krausen to drop - only dropped on the last day or so.

Used 1kg light spray malt as extra fermentables as reccommended with white labs pilsner yeast WLP800.

It was cloudy and darker than i'd have wanted a pilsner to be as I was bottling.

Bulk primed it and bottled it anyway last Wednesday. I decided to sample a bottle last night because I was getting worried. It had only cleared at the top of the bottle, the rest was still quite cloudy.

I know it's only a week or so in the bottles but it had a dark brown colour, plenty of carbonation, the head rushed up the neck of the bottle, but a strange taste. Not bad exactly, but it tasted very yeasty/malty and not at all like it was a Pilsner (or even on the way to becomming a pilsner).almost like a mucky wheat beer.

Should I leave it a few more weeks (I usually don't drink it for about a month after bottling anyway) or just assume that it's still conditioning/fermenting in the bottles or put it down to a bad batch and chuck it down the sink?

I have a Dublin porter ready to get started on that I could really use the bottles for!

Pilsner yeast ferments at low temps.. Your temps for that yeast strain are far too high.

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