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D3PO said:
Totally agree getting Kalil in to protect Bradford and getting in a second WR to go with Llyod in FA would so so much for that offense. Laurent Robinson wont hang around in Dallas as a number 3 id say so that seems like a good fit to me without having to break the bank going for a D Jax or Welker type.

All of a sudden you have Jackson in the backfield , Llyod and Robinson as your widemen a solid #3 in Gibson and Salas or Amendola as your slot guy.

very quickly they can use most of the draft then on defense and the Rams could finally come good again.

Robinson was cut by the Rams at the end of last season, couldn't stay healthy when he was there so i doubt either of them would really want a reunion

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Vontaze Burfict is Aaron Curry 2.0. Has all the physical ability to be a dominating linebacker but doesn't have the brain or instincts to become one. He has a high chance of busting. 

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OAOB said:
Robinson was cut by the Rams at the end of last season, couldn't stay healthy when he was there so i doubt either of them would really want a reunion

anyway it was just an example.

Plenty of decent WR talent on FA this year. Vincent Jackson, Dwane Bowe, Deion Branch (although getting on a bit) etc. my point being they can get somebody to complement Llyod without having to use draft picks, and with Kalil in that O Line and Jackson in the backfiled they sugddenlty become much better on offense.

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I don't get this Rams stuff. Weren't there people calling for Saffold to be a Pro Bowler last year. He's their left tackle when fit, Smith played right (and was rubbish) when he played tackle.

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Giants fan.

Our main area of need will be linebacker, corner back, safety, OL (& depending on free agency maybe running back).

I have seen Lamar Miller from the U mocked to us in the 1st which i think is crazy sort of stuff. Outside of Richardson wouldnt take any of the HB's in the 1st. Personally LaMichael James in the 3rd round would be my addition to the RB's.

Depending in how far we go in play-offs Cordy Glenn (G) or Peter Konz (C) would be a nice addition to o-line in the 1st.

Markelle Martin from Oklahoma or Jonathan Banks from Mississippi would be good addition (if a slight reach) in the 2nd round to upgrade the secondary

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mikemac1 said:
Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are not babysitters [not aimed at you neilster]
Everyone says the vets will keep the others in line but it's not their job

Besides I do not think Ray Lewis will be back next year. Or he'll be limited, horrible just horrible in pass coverage. And Ed Reed cannot tackle
Sounds like blasphemy to criticize the greats but it's true

Besides Harbaugh tends to bench players for many different reasons. Act up in Baltimore and you'll be in Harbaughs doghouse.

If Vontaze Burfict wants to act up, cause drama and be undisciplined Rex Ryan can take him, he'll fit in there

I want Dont'a Hightower and Ozzie Newsome the GM just loves his 'bama players

I can see your point ...there is a tendency to view Baltimore as a place to calm wild things but Jimmy Smiths rep was probably a bit OTT to start off with and Hightower may be graded higher anyway and Newsome as you say does pick from Alabama so all being equal Hightower might be the pick

would the Jets in the middle of the draft pick Hightower? Does he suit their scheme ? A replacement for Pace seems to be their priority. There isnt much pass rush talent this year as opposed to last which might make teams reach for linebackers instead?

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neilster said:
. There isnt much pass rush talent this year as opposed to last which might make teams reach for linebackers instead?

Id say whats more likely to happen is that somebody looks great in the senior bowl and week leading up to it and is reached on as a pass rusher as a result

Similar to how we (The Eagles) seemed to have reached on Brandon Graham for similar reasons a couple of drafts back

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I like the Nick Perry pick at 18 as we aint going to splash out in FA for a pass rusher.

Burfict and Richardson I believe could turn out to be busts.

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Why Richardson?

Rochey18 Registered User

I dont think he has that break away speed. Also his juke moves etc to get separation are done at a very slow pace.

Dont get me wrong I rate him highly but, I think he is going to be slow.
Also the main factor to be is the hype behind him. If he doesn't deleiver quickly the pressure will only get worse and worse.

In saying that look at someone like Spiller who has that break away speed but always seems to want to run horizontal then vertical.

Im not saying he is going to be a bust, but I beleive he may well be if taken high, but again like I said I think these two players could tumble down the board.

For instance the Saints taking Ingram, the value was too high to not take him at that spot and I think the same will be said for Richardson.

Thing that will help Richardson is the Coveted Pass rusher which dosnt seem to be many in this draft.

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They are his only real weaknesses though. Wouldn't say hes slow either. Certainly not a speedster but not slow either. Is a top 10 prospect in my opinion but I wouldn't draft him there. Too easy to get a late round RB who will get the same production.

I can see what your saying with the hype. I think the same could happen to Luck. He'll be expected to perform great straight away and if he doesn't, the pressure will crank up.

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The thing with Luck though is that the Colts where so bad this year that the 2011 year give him time to breathed but as with everything in the NFL that window closes pretty quick.

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Irsay says the Colts will draft Luck #1:


The Colts continue their search for a general manager, but the decision regarding what to do with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft may already be made.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says it is “certain” that Colts owner Jim Irsay has already decided to draft Andrew Luck No. 1 overall. (We’ve learned that declarations about the No. 1 overall draft pick this early can be dangerous.)

The Colts are waiting to find out about Peyton Manning’s health, but Irsay apparently believes Luck is too good to pass up. Irsay sees “symmetry” in having the pick.

In 1983, the Colts drafted John Elway before trading him. 15 years later, the Colts took Peyton Manning. And now 14 years later, they plan to take Luck.

Of course, the Colts are better off saying that Luck is atop their draft board no matter where this goes from here. They could conceivably still trade the pick or Luck if another team gave them a monster offer and if Manning was healthy. Huge if.

We find it odd that an incoming general manager wouldn’t be the one making this decision. Then again, most people interviewing for the job wouldn’t want to pass on Luck either.

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Luck is pro ready, though, and there's a good chance he'll have at least one bedding in season behind Manning unless Manning's neck is made of glass come March. Luck's in a very good situation in the context of a consensus #1 pick of almost unparalleled hype.

The other question now is how angry Manning is about Irsay jettisoning the Polians and if Irsay saying the Colts are in 'rebuilding mode' will make him want to find a challenger with a hole at QB.

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