springer8 Registered User

Remington .223 for sale. stainless fluted barrel with timber stock. This gun is spotless bought it just under 2yrs ago new. Very accurate rifle. Comes with moderator, burris mounts and scope.Ideal foxin outfit1 First genuine person to see will buy.

Spunk84 Registered User


cushcam Registered User

i too would like to see some pics

rockyvsrocky1 Registered User

hey im interested in the gun have u pics and a price!

springer8 Registered User

Pics attached - pm if interested about price, etc, Thanks

robbie mars Registered User

Very nice piece of equipment glws

springer8 Registered User

its a nice job alright only sellin it as i want to get a 243 for a bit of deer stalkin

syconerd Registered User

this still for sale and how much ya lookin for it
also how many rounds down barrel


50cal Registered User

Hi there ,
Are you still selling your rifle ?

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