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Fuinseog said:
i fail to see how the irish men fighting for the allies aided humanity, was the firebombing of German cities humane. was the atomic bomb a sign of humanity? they killed people with whom they should have had no quarrel or who had done them wrong.
Ah the old Dresden Hiroshima moral equivalence defence. It tends to come out in such debates. Yes they were repugnant attacks on civilians, however there is one big difference when one compares such acts to an act like the holocaust and it's real simple. When the nations that were attacked surrendered the attacks stopped. Jews, Jehovahs witnesss, Gypsies, homosexuals, political prisoners and any others the German authorities classed as untermenschen never had that choice and even if they had "surrendered" they would still have kept on killing them. That's why it was called the "final solution". Dresden et al were horrible "solutions", but temporary ones and that's what tips the scales of horror and repugnance. Oh and people(certainly in teh forces) had a fair idea what was going on in the camps and in occupied territories, all that truly shocked was the mechanised scale and the realities of walking corpses on newsreels.

I have rellies that joined the Allied forces at that time(not just the British), while others stayed at home and joined our forces. The reasonings they all gave were twofold; 1) for a couple it was pure economics in the pre war world, with few enough career options at home and 2) they were all convinced Hitler if not stopped would come here(and had planned to at some stage "Plan Grun", though interestingly at that stage Hitler would have only come at the request of the Irish gov, then again he was fond of such "requests" masking true intentions). One great uncle of mine had visited Hitlers Germany before the war. Quite a percentage of people thought it was a brave new world and an impressive state at the time. He didn't. He was very very worried about what he saw. When it kicked off and the Americans joined the war(he didn't want to "take the kings shilling" though was tempted), he joined the Yanks and requested he be deployed in the European theatre rather than the Pacific because of it.

Funny enough even coming from that background I would be very much on the fence of men with regard to those who've sworn allegiance to their country's military, who then go AWOL and join another. Doesn't quite square with me. If they had wanted to join allied forces for whatever reason, then why sign up to the IDF? Certainly those rellies of mine who made a point of staying here and joining up made a sharp distinction between those people and those that went overseas without deserting.

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