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I have just got the SKY HD package, upgraded from the SKY + box. Now I can't get the teletext on any of the RTE stations.

The system is connected up to a new LD LED HD TV via one HDMI cable on input HDMI 1, DVD is connected to TV on HDMI 2

The RED button on sky news works OK.

Old setup on SKY+ was via scart cable to the LD LED TV and work OK.

kbell Registered User

Connect it with scart or tune via rf to an analogue station to access teletext.
Sky hd boxes via hdmi aren't fond of teletext, I've only seen it work a handful of times.

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Cantona's Collars Registered User

Kbell is right,analogue teletext (the old fashioned text) doesn't work via hdmi.

Afaik only RTE still use it,but probably won't after digital switchover.
I never use it,red button interactive services are better or just use the 'net for what I want to find out.

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