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"Home Easy" remote control sockets (3-pack incl. remote) - product code HE330 I think.... 20 euro in B&Q Liffey Valley (circa 40 euro in Atlantic Homecare/online shops).


ESB too €20.28

Little woods 14.99

aldi had them a while back 19.99 = 4 pack

The usual price for these over the last few years is €20 for 3 x on-off and 1x dimmer if you wait for the specials that happen every few months

cormy Registered User

Fair Enough - but it's just that the Home Easy range in particular might appeal to home automation DIY'ers since the codes for this range have been documented and built into some nifty projects involving hobbyist microcontrollers (i.e. Arduino). For example: (probably shoulda mentioned that in the OP!).

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Asda up north had these for just £2.99! got a set only recently

Im sorry i didnt pick up another box they would have came it very handy for the chrismas lights we have in all the rooms

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