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Yeah but everything pretty much ever, lost big time to the DS. By any yardstick the PSP was a massive success, selling more than 70 million units (still more than the Xbox 360 or PS3).

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johnny_ultimate said:
Just wait until they announce Monster Hunter 4G on it. Japanese sales are almost entirely irrelevant until then. The inevitable price drop should do wonders too.

I've a feeling Nintendo are going to get Monster Hunter first.

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I personally think there is one big reason why the PS Vita is not selling well in Japan: there are no games out for it that the Japanese audience wants.

The games available are very Western-focused. Sony should have released it in NA first.

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Well, if Nintendo does get the next true Monster Hunter, then it'll be a far better time to start composing the Vita obituary. The Japanese market is a very eccentric place, after all - what causes popularity over there is wildly different to over here. The games that sell consoles over there - MH, Dragon Quest, visual novels etc... - sit on shelves here. Personally, I think until more Japanese-centric software is released, whatever it may be, it's hard to call it a failure when it has just launched.

Games consoles are no longer defined by their sales in the first month. Look at the 3DS - how many people on here wrote the console off earlier this year after a few months of inactivity? Then suddenly a huge influx of big names and even bigger sales.

Not denying the possibilities that the Vita will be a commercial failure. But perhaps we should step back and look at its successes and failures as a piece of hardware before we call it dead in the water. Is the Neo Geo Pocket a failure because of its low sales? Anyone who's played it would probably disagree. If, a year hence, the Vita is still completely devoid of engaging software and hemorrhaging sales, then perhaps it can be considered a failure. As it stands, few of us have even played the darn thing, and it's only launched in one territory. Sony have and always will make mistake - but they'll always have the money to try and rectify them, too.

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Yep, way too early to tell at this stage. Even if nintendo gets Monster Hunter first I'm pretty sure there's a few companies out there working on a monster hunter clone to beat it to the punch since it's all japanese comapnies seem to be making these days and ruining franchises by turning them into monster hunter clones.

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By comparison, the Nintendo 3DS had sold 742,244 units in its first few weeks of launch, with the Vita moving 458,347 over the same time period. That means Vita sales are about 300,000 units behind the 3DS, a device that received a prompt price drop due to low numbers. Does this mean a price drop is on the horizon for Vita? Maybe, maybe not.

sorry, but its not that bad...

lets remember that 3ds consoles sold, but software was just not there. yes maybe VITA has lower sales, but they are not so horrible! Its sony, they turned around ps3, they will turn around this too, i have no doubts. ( *just hopes no one will remember psp go fluke )

the way some people ilustrating it, that there were sold 7 PS VITA's world wide...

i think its too much drama and its being burried way to early, when 3ds came out everyone were banging their shovels and wanted to see nintendo fail! Now 3ds is back on track with some really great titles.

very good point mentioned here: there are no games that JAP market likes. As soon as it will get those proper "only in japan..." titles PS vita will sell.

remember that DS is very popular here, but in JAP PSP is the king. Even now ps VITA launch titles and upcoming titles are more focused on western market?

*i am not being racist lol.

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Nintendo's deal with Capcom was for Monster Hunter 3G and another Monster Hunter game.

At best Sony can hope for a concurrent release of the next Monster Hunter game but the days of the Sony handheld being the lead platform - especially seeing Vita's anemic sales numbers and likely rocky road to a large install base.

Capcom have exhibited strange exclusivity sensibilities before - Resident Evil and GameCube - but even they can't afford to do likewise with their only true cash cow.

The reason Monster Hunter matters far more than any clone is because it drives Japanese development to the point that simply knowing the Vita had an exclusive Monster Hunter would make many Japanese publishers green-light new Vita projects. It effects us hugely, if indirectly.

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I'm telling ya, FFVII and they'll be laughing their way to the bank!

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I've had a go on a Vita. Specifically, I had a go at FIFA 12 on the Vita and it was unquestionably the best version of FIFA I've ever played (and I've played most of them at some stage). I'm not a huge fan of the FIFA series, but if I owned a Vita, I'd buy FIFA for it Why? The touch screen to pass/shoot feature completely changed how the game works for me.

It's the first hand held in a long time that's piqued my interest, but I don't see myself splashing for one. I have an Android phone and am looking at getting a small tablet for reading books and comics and they now fill the "gap" in my time that would previously allowed for a dedicated portable gaming system.

In many ways it's a pity because it's a very impressive piece of hardware. The graphical quality was absolutely top notch (more or less on par with current gen stuff) and the fact that it can HDMI out to your telly and double up as a home console of sorts is something that should be explored a bit more.

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Enderman said:
I'm telling ya, FFVII and they'll be laughing their way to the bank!

With the way Final Fantasy has fallen out of favour recently and how FFX is the new japanese favourite it won't make any difference.


PS Vita isn't out of the race yet, annoys me how the gaming community always does this, they were saying the same thing about the 3DS after its launch, now they're singing its praises. I'd imagine the vita would have a much more better launch in the west with the available games obviously, but better games are coming. We haven't seen E3 yet, I'm sure they have some stuff right up their sleeve. And it truly is some impressive hardware. Remains to be seen how it measures up to the 3DS, but its not even out here yet. Bit early to saying 'its doomed' (not that you guys said that exactly, general internet reaction)

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The current success of the 3DS proves that their still is a market for dedicated gaming handhelds. All this DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEDDDD lark is ridiculous.

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I hope the vita can provide a unique great gaming experience not found elsewhere. Portable versions of console games probably won't cut it in 2012. Best of luck to em. Looking forward to a price cut and some games I need to play...

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in all fairness if it will be able to provide same quality games as home console, then i am so buying it.

i love to play 3ds in bed, while misses watching telly. ofc i cant play consoles before bed as she is watching her crap... so if i will be able to have a console in my hands... well then its awesome!

i know it defeats the purpose of being handheld an play on the go, but in my case its perfect. in fact i am so buying that new resident evil game for 3DS, but my 3ds havent been outside home even once since launch...

one thing for sure: i am not buying it on launch day same way i did not bought my 3ds.


Vita has coming

Final fantasy X(favorite final fantasy)
Zone of the enders collection
Assassins creed
Call of duty
Little big planet
Metal gear collection

And for the launch, we've got

Uncharted, wipeout, lumines, ninja gaiden, rayman, super stardust. So yeah. Not worried.

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