Getting a sweep this week but tmi -given the diarhea (sp?) I have today hopefully things are moving!

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Mink Registered User

Diarrhea is def a good sign (as long as it's not persistent obviously). Actually so is the "not feeling preggers".

My house has NEVER been cleaner, I was like a mad woman today cleaning things I had just cleaned a few days ago. I got it into my head a few days ago that the baby wouldn't arrive until the hoovering & floor washing was done!

Anyway nothing happened except a little more mucous plug came away (yummy). 41 weeks today.

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pushkii Registered User

Aww mink i Really hope things happen for you soon, you must be getting pretty fed up at this stage!
I had another good nights sleep :-) im awake way too early for a Sunday though! Feeling a little nauseous again, surely i can't be only getting morning sickness now at this stage. And i still feel like im not pregnant anymore!!

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0ctober Registered User

Pushkii I keep getting nauseaous as well, as if we haven't enough to put up with at this stage!

Had an awful night last night. Have been having pains for the last week but they seemed to get stronger last night, from my back right around to the front. Got to the stage where I was getting them every 15-20 mins or so, so got no sleep really. But since about 8.30 this morning they just stopped and now I'm back to the odd dull cramp like earlier in the week. UGGGHHHH this is so frustrating!!! I'm hoping baby doesn't come today now cos I'm so exhausted from not sleeping that I don't feel like I'd be able for labour whatsoever...also feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever! sorry, rant over!!! Will try to have a nap now and then enjoy our anniversary

Hope you had a nice time at the wedding betsie and it wasn't too tiring. Sounds like things could be moving for you mink and theg81der, fingers crossed! The August babies seem to be a lazy bunch alright, quite content to stay snuggled up where they are!

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Betsie_xr3i Registered User

morning everyone, had a great day at the wedding but im exhausted after it and the car we were in didnt help very low and uncomfortable mixed with small country roads not a good mix, i was hoping it would get things going though but no such luck

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pushkii Registered User

October i Really hope you get some rest today id say you are going to need it in the next few days:-) is this nausea a sign of labour coming i wonder..
Betsie delighted you had a great day at the wedding. Im going to have my dinner and go to bed soon im really exhausted.

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Gee_G Registered User

god knows pushkii it could be but that time few weeks ago i mentioned feeling sick to doc she reckoned it could just be as Babs getting bigger, more pressure on ur tummy but u never know..
Aw october, i'd say its disappointing thinking u are good to go and then nothing, well hope u have a nice day today to make up for it and get some rest later just incase ;-)
mink, my house is the same. Never been cleaner n every time i get any little pain i'm thinking, right ill just get that last wash on or iron those bedclothes so they're ready. Its mental cos that is soooo not me!!!
Did ya have ur dancing shoes on last night betsie? :-) hope ur having yourself nice duvet day today! I am, am stil in pjs and no intention of moving anytime soon. :-)

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Betsie_xr3i Registered User

just had one dance last night, i had ankles the size of i dont know what by dinner time so wasnt up for much after it, but enjoyed watching everyone else

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Any of you notice baby jump when you drop things or loud noises? I reckon he`s gonna be nervous he keeps jumping or could it be that waters are low so he can hear more?

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pushkii Registered User

I haven't noticed that but i haven't been around loud noise but id say its because he can hear!!

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Betsie_xr3i Registered User

no i haven't noticed that either, although my one is used to it i would say :-)

Betsie_xr3i Registered User

nearly "from here to maternity time"

pushkii Registered User

I didnt watch it, cant be getting cold feet at this stage!
I was so tired today went for a 3 hr nap and i'm fit for the leaba again. I wonder if there's anything happening with anyone!?


Nothin doin

Betsie_xr3i Registered User

not a thing here anyway :-(

not able for anything any more, went to sis in laws today for a bbq and not as if i was doing anything but Im exhausted :-( time for bed me thinks

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