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Dustaz said:
Theres generally a massive imbalance across all servers towards imps simply because sith and bounty hunters are cooler than jedis and troopers.

Well Bioware clearly spent way more time on them. My Jedi Consulars armors are so crap, even the Raid ones are just so grey and bland. The Sith Sorcerer on the other hand, theirs are awesome. Plus their attacks and powers look way cooler.

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Dunno if im allowed to advertise for guilds here but ill give it a go since its difficult enough as it is to get members for such a guild anyway

Currently in a latenight guild on BD Republic side. Raid start times are at 11pm and go on till 2-3am. We are currently 4/5 Nightmare 8man in EV (SOA bugs wiping us) and full clear on KP normal mode (due to start hard/nightmare tomorrow) Currently in dire need of both Smugglers and Knights. If interested gimmie a shout on here or in game under Feiticeira.


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