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Posted in the Dublin forum too for added effect...

Looking to treat myself to getting a full body massage in the new year and wondering if anyone can recommend anyone highly enough in Dublin at a good price?

My bodies in bits


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I have no affiliation to this place, but i've used it, and so have friends of mine..... Zest Therapies on Wicklow street - great sports massage. Siobhan is the girls name

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Cool, think sports massage is what I am looking for, lots of knots.

Do they have a website or do you know what kinda prices they charge?

EDIT: never mind, found the site

Deals sound good on there, but their normal prices are kinda high, is that around the avg price for massage in Dublin?

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i think Dublin is just expensive - but to be honest i'd rather get someone that knows what they're doing rather than a purely "cosmetic" massage that a lot of spas etc seem to be offering - they nearly always have specials on - especially if you can go during the day

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Cool, yeah planning to take a day off during the week in Jan to get it done. €50 for an hours massage during the week I think is the best.

Dublin is expenisve but I guess rather go to someone who is recommend as apposed to going cheap at the end of the day. There are a lot of places around dublin that do massage, just have to find the ones that will do it well and not screw ya over on price, same with everthing now a days.

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Sorry, but...

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With or without a happy ending?


Garlic Suplmnt said:
With or without a happy ending?

If you have a thread in the the Dublin forum there is no need to have a second one OP.

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