Hope it's okay to post this here?

Started doing a Lets Play on SA again, and it's so much fun

I forgot how good this game was.... I also forget how and where to do everything

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CMpunked Registered User

Great vid.
Surprised you lasted 12 minutes without getting a wanted level! I dont even think i can last that long even today playing that game.


Cheers man, here's episode 2

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CrinkElite Banned

If you have a dual analogue controller you should try this little piece of software.

(It says its pre setup to work with the original s-controller for box but it's manually configurable)

It uses some weird voodoo memory hook tricks to perfectly emulate the original control system as it was on the ps2.

I don't know if it works with the steam version but it really is worth a try.

kb and mouse will not do the game justice.


Well I can just use my PS3 pad, but since I'm playing on the PC. I wanted to keep it legit

CrinkElite Banned

Fair enough but as far as I know there is no working controller mapping facility in the pc release.
maybe steam added some but I doubt it.
the game was made for for dual analogue and the original ps2 control system was pure genius.
with the pc version and saac.exe you get the best of both worlds.

on a side note. I assume you're using motioninjoy driver for the ps3 controller?
I had problems with constant disconnects but I suspect this may be due to my crappy bluetooth dongle. how do you find it?


Yeah I am.. And DS3tool


That was gas, I used to spend hours just arsing around in it looking for interesting cars and doing insane stunt bonuses too.

Btw you have to unlock those areas across the river with missions or else you get a high wanted level like that.


If you want to get into the airport, park your car beside the security hut at the gate, climb on top of the car & from there onto the roof of the hut.

The gate will open from the inside & you can go back out for the car if you want.

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Darksaga87 Registered User

Thanks for that tallon, I DL SA ages ago on xbox. im gonna play it now.

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blaze1 Registered User

My profile wont allow me to dl this to the 360.
Would love to get hold of SA again great game

gnfnrhead Registered User

Tallon said:

I forgot how good this game was.... I also forget how and where to do everything

Everything was coming back to me within the hour but now about two weeks on and I'm still remembering stuff and even finding stuff I didnt notice the first time around! The game is just epic in ever sense of the word.

claiva Registered User

I downloaded this off xbox live the other night for 1200 points (about €13) and i'm totally addicted again !!!!
what an epic game, really makes GTA4 look like the piece of un-fun crap that it is !!!!
MW3 is gonna be collecting dust now for a while !

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Mensch Maschine Registered User

I'm playing San Andreas again too on Xbox. It's amazing. It has all the great ingredients for a great GTA. I mean, having a home and a community was a great feeling. Grove St. Hanging around with your homies while they smoke doob, drink booze, drive bys etc.

I'm now currently doing missions in the Badlands, laying low, keeping a low profile. I always wear the proper attire for each area I'm doing missions, to make it more immerseve. For example, I'm wearing wood camo trousers with the hunting jacket instead of looking like a full blown G, standing out like a sore thumb.

It's brilliant. Also, CJ is pretty badass. He shouts the most ridiculous things at people when he's driving it has me in stitches.

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Tallon, are you aware of the awesome multi theft auto multiplayer mod for san andreas?


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