Ilovelucy Registered User

Anyone know where I can get a list of stockists in Ireland? I have googled but can't find a definitive list. Thanks.

Valentina Registered User

BT2 sell Salsa jeans.

Ilovelucy Registered User

Am nowhere near a BT and know that they now stock in independents but can't find any online.

tinkerbell Registered User

Salsa jeans have their own website, however I suggest that you try them on first before you buy as they are designed to lift up the bum so the sizing needs to be correct to ensure maximum lift!

BT stocks them, as does House of Fraser, Avoca also stock them. Where are you based OP?

tinkerbell Registered User

I just did a search and found the following:

Contra on the Main Street in Gorey, Wexford stock Salsa Jeans

Couldn't find anywhere else.

I'm sure if you rang any of the stores I mentioned, they could direct you to the head office / distributor where they buy in the Salsa Jeans from and they could give you a list of stockists in Ireland since the main distributor will be distributing to everyone ...

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barleybooley Registered User

If you're in Mayo/Sligo, Sarangra in Ballina do them.

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Ilovelucy Registered User

Excellent barleybooley - will call in there tomorrow. Thanks for that.

foodaholic Registered User

Avoca also stock them - well the one in Rathcoole does anyway

Ilovelucy Registered User

Got a pair in Sarangra today. They are a fabulous pair of jeans, really comfy and fit and shape are lovely. Thanks.

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