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Worztron said:
Is 'Cloch Le Carn' even an Irish word?

It's a phrase rather than a word.


'Cloch Le Carn’ series producer Kevin Cummins (Léargas) tells IFTN: “The title of this occasional series ‘Cloch le Carn’ could be literally interpreted as ‘adding a stone to the funeral mound’ but in reality the series is taking a constructive but not always uncritical look at public figures who've made a controversial contribution to Irish society in their lifetimes.

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Cheers IO.

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Cloch is a stone, carn is a pile or heap of something.  It's the origin of the word cairn in English - people refer to a stone cairn at the top of a hill to mark a spot, or similar.  I've never heard the specific phrase "cloch le carn" myself, but I assume it's something along the lines of someone/something being akin to a key building block, part of a greater whole, one among many or similar.

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