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im looking to meet new people in dublin. i work in a tiny office in sword like 4 people way older then me, myself and the girlfriend broke up and well all of my friends of like 8 or 9 years decided to basically drop me for her. so if any one has any advise on geting out and meeting new people that would be fantastic im a 28 year old male


Jaysus! Weren't really your "friends" were they?

Best thing to do would be to join a club/activity that you're interested in. Then you'll meet like minded individuals and you know you'll have something in common.

Don't try to meet new people out drinking. Tried that once..............<stares in to distance>

dancesatnight Registered User

yeah tried going to whealan and coppers to of my old favourite places but either i think i looked creepy on my own or it turned in to hooking up with some random girls.

yeah 3 of my best mates are going out with her sisters/stepsisters. other mates are all in long term realtionships and well dropped totally off the to be honest. im in to cars and keeping fit dont really know where to start coz i used to go hill walking and gyming with my ex. most of the car scene here isnt what im in to i like cars for the cars not acting the mick and raging them on public roads.


I know it may sound a bit childish but try joining some local clubs.

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There are loads of hill walking clubs/groups around Dublin. Try joining one of them.

dancesatnight Registered User

ill have a goo at the link now


JuliusCaesar Moderator

MeetUp any good to you? All ages... how old are you?

dancesatnight Registered User

MeetUp any good to you? All ages... how old are you?

28 head out in to town to see what trouble i get myself in to tonihhtfudge it

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cosmic said:
There are loads of hill walking clubs/groups around Dublin. Try joining one of them.

I tried that and found it funny how the women had a problem with me being in my 20s and the men didn't
So judgmental I just want to walk.


Head over to the basketball forum, they have games every week in north Dublin

It's mixed, anyone can attend and would get ya fit

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I also find it hard making friends. It feels like everyone is sick of me i cant understand ive never done anything wrong on anyone

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Hello Blue, that sounds sad!!!

I spend time in dublin, in a small office, I have zippo to do during the week, anyone interested in meeting for beers in town some Thursday night.

Mad idea, never met any one over the internet before, I am male, straight, no criminal record.

Any one interested?


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crkmel said:
no criminal record.

Any one interested?


back off ladies i saw him first!

crkmel Registered User

Hello, hope you won't be disappointed!! I will try and be funny!

I was thinking of a social event. I am not looking for the love of my life. It would be good to break the boredom and monotony of each evening.

my email address is if free some evening over the coming weeks.

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