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Copy of a recent post from Gary on FB:

"Hi folks, Saturday night Feb4.
I know it's hard to believe hardly do myself but I'm back working weekends. The cut line is my new golf show on setanta I'm going to ease into my new career and start with triple major champion Padraig Harrington. The show looks great and Padraig gives a great insight into the man and the golf champion. I've known him for 25 years but yet he surprised me with some of his comments. Well worth a watch Saturday night give us a bit of support and tune in. Tell all your friends I'm hoping I can get a late call up for the oscars.
Hope 2012 is making all your dreams come through. I know mine has been amazing so far cos I won the euro millions last week and my Maths teacher said I was **** with figures".

This is still available on the web for those who are with Eircom.
There was a Freeview of this again last night on Ch 423 (I'm told)...

Loire Registered User

Saw the program last night and it was very good. PH was quite open and gave his viewpoints easily. Really liked Gary's style and he could be quite good at this as he tends to put his guests (PH anyway) at ease. Think Shane Lowry is on next week. Tiger after that?

Mountjoy Mugger Registered User

Career record over €2m in prize money. Best of luck, Gary.

Whyner Registered User

What's Gary doing in Sicily?

FixdePitchmark Registered User

Whyner said:
What's Gary doing in Sicily?

Mad one.

Called it a short day.

Level after 7.

PhilipMarlowe Oh Well, Okay

Whyner said:
What's Gary doing in Sicily?

Strange alright. He's there due to an invite...

golfbgud Registered User

Gary is one of 12 players on an invite (Category 4)....

FixdePitchmark Registered User

Great interview with Paul McGinley on his show, watched it last night.

Must be tough to go back and play at that level after a break.

He is going ok.

flugel Registered User

Anywhere to watch previous episodes of this online if not with eircom? Saw the mcginley one, would like to see more

ssbob Registered User

Gary Murphy (-1) for the tournament, wouldn't it be great if he had a decent finish this week?

BoardsMember Registered User

What a cool fella, really enjoyed the McGinley interview.

Loire Registered User

BoardsMember said:
What a cool fella, really enjoyed the McGinley interview.

+1 Saw the PH one as well...great interviewing's all about who he is interviewing and the absence of notes is refreshing.

Trampas Registered User

when he lost his card he probably lost his love of the game.

took a break and got the hunger back for the game.

I believe every player should take a few weeks break from the game every so often to build back the hunger in the game

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