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We Wish you all a Very Happy Christmas & Safe & Enjoyable New Year.

Sincerely hope all of your exams go well for you and the study through the Christmas period won't be heavy or hard for anyone.

If you have any queries or want to speak about absolutely anything over this period, just start a thread or send on a pm. It can help to have a set of ears to listen or from someone who wouldn't necessarily know the ends and outs of a situation to offer advice or be of assistance.

Best of Luck to everyone in your exams from both kerry4sam & Grand_Rajnah, Have a Very Happy Christmas and a Safe & Enjoyable New Year

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G_R Mod

Just a quick message while we have your attention - I haven't been on much in the last few weeks between hols and college and other continents, and for that I apologise (especially to my excellent co-mod Kerry4Sam)! With this in mind, i will be making more of an effort to contribute to the forum from now on.

Kerry4Sam and I are always open to suggestions on how you think we can improve the forum and make it better for you, the user. and we are also always looking for ways to try and improve forum traffic, so any suggestions or comments at all drop either or both of us a PM.

So anyway, enough with that nonsense, Merry Christmas.and a very Happy New Year everyone. Hope all of you get on well with you're exams and assessments and all the rest.

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