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I've mentioned this in about 3 different threads in electronic music but it should get a shout here too!

The Lego Feet EP by Autechre from 1991 has been reissued on CD in the last week or so, well worth picking up for all Autechre fans.

20 years after its original vinyl release, the self-titled EP by Lego Feet - aka Autechre's Sean Booth and Rob Brown - finally lands on CD, with substantial extras, clocking in at a total of 70 minutes. The first ever release on Skam Records, for many this really is the holy grail of British electronica: pre-dating even the first official Autechre 12", 'Cavity Job'. Issued in limited quantities in '91, the vinyl has never been re-pressed and remains incredibly rare - there's currently an original copy listed on Discogs for £300. Save for a couple of short segments appearing on Skam compilations, none of the music has been available on any other format - until now. It almost goes without saying that it's ace, with a shape-shifting sound that looks forward to the serotonin-depleted post-electro of Incunabula (one passage sounds like a sketch for 'Basscadet'), and even beyond that. It's hard to refer to specific parts, so all we can do is to advise you to look out for: instant classic basslines for messed-up B-boys, industrial techno breakbeats that BMB/Surgeon would be proud of, synth melodies the equal of anything by Richard D. James, intense 303 acid burn-ups, hardcore drum choppage and a genuine sense of Detroit machine-soul being reconfigured for the North of England. All in all, it's Booth and Brown's most dancefloor-friendly release ever, its roots in acid house and rave culture explicit; at the same time it hints at the abstraction and future-rushing idiosyncrasy that would quickly become Autechre's signature. Coupled with the EP anthology compiled by Warp, Lego Feet caps what has been a bountiful year for Ae nuts, and one which has left us in no doubt - as if there ever was any - of the duo's eternal and undisputable badman status. Essential.

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Dizraeligears Registered User

Nice one-a liitle piece of history!

Scubadevils Did I dream, you dreamed about me?

Dizraeligears said:
Nice one-a liitle piece of history!

Indeed, I'd love it on vinyl though too.

Scubadevils Did I dream, you dreamed about me?

Yay... vinyl reissued - grab one quick!

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