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I have tried out Google navigation on my Galaxy SII for the past three months and have found some of the directions both unusual and dangerous.

Example; grove Rd (Grand Canal) to St Brocs Cottages,(Donnybrook).

Left over Leeson st Bridge ... Make a U-turn! (Dangerous and illegal here).

From Morehampton road turn left down Mulberry Lane. (Lane unsuitable for driving).

On another trip I was told to turn right from Stephen's Green onto Merrion Row. There is no right turn here for years. In fact it is blocked by bus lane posts.

Last night I used Google to go to Cabra Castle in Cavan. It even suggested the address in the prompt. This made me feel confident. After a mad roundabout journey I ended up at some church 3 miles away from my intended destination.

On the route home from Cabra Castle I followed the road signs and the most direct route that I know. This differed considerably from Google Navigation.

The lesson here is ... Plan your route. Don't rely on Google. It will take you in the general direction, but may take you by a longer route. Watch out for silly directions which include U-Turns. I've encountered these quite often.

Google has turned into a monster of a company with no proper user support. Unlike Skobbler, there is no 'Bug Report' on Google Navigation, therefore they cannot benefit from driver knowledge.

MarkR Moderator

I've used it all over the country, and find it quite reliable.


It is extremely useful in my experience but you do need to exercise any bit of cop on - I was heading to a rural part of Longford recently and for the last stage of the journey it recommended I use a series of unsignpostrd country lanes which undoubtedly would have led to me getting lost. You need to use it as an aid to navigation, not depend on it completely - that said it has helped me out more than once after a wrong turn.

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As someone who has a "proper" satnav and an Android phone I know a "proper" satnav wins hands down, I got to a place I admittedly did not have a breeze where it was (middle of nowhere, Galway) no hassle on my satnav there a while back, then the other day I was out shopping and had to get to Nutgrove Rathfarnam from Swords, a simple enough task you would think, I had a clue myself I should have been getting off the M50 around Ballyboden, sure google maps sent me around in circles at the Tallaght roundabout, was ridiculous...

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I was looking for Bandon Golf Club. Ended up in the middle of an estate faaar away from the enterance to the club. Barely managed to get there before my tee time :-)

Never used google navigation since.

Test OsmAnd - it's way better.

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Use common sense when using Satnav? Who would have thought!

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I used it on Saturday night going to Boomers in Clondalkin. It told me to do a U turn on the N7 at Greenhills, not recognizing the bridge. I was going from Shankill but instead of joining the N11 at Loughlinstown hospital it wanted me to go down to the Bray roundabout and join the motorway there. So yes, a bit strange.

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guys can anyone tell me if the google nav on samsung galaxy is free or whats the deal ?

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blinkey 101 said:
guys can anyone tell me if the google nav on samsung galaxy is free or whats the deal ?

Its free but it uses data

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