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The swipe guys were funny online, on the actual show, they were brutal but thats probably down to the producers of the show tbh

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The online stuff is great alright, gotta say I do like that picture myself!

mystic86 Registered User

when is season 2 starting does anyone know?

dublinman1990 Registered User

mystic86 said:
when is season 2 starting does anyone know?

Not sure yet. I've seen now that it has been showing new pictures of the new tallafornian on it's facebook page.

Apparently, his name his "Marc". Although, I could be wrong in that.

They have the new series filmed already. It had a schedule of six weeks of filming. The cast and crew only came back to Dublin on Saturday. It should be out on TV3 very soon.

mystic86 Registered User

think it's starting in January, there was some show on last night on tv3 or 3e or something and at the end of the show it said 'coming up in January'

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iseegirls Registered User

Looks like they're going with a preview show after the X Factor final like last year and running the main show after Take Me Out in January then.

Looking forward to it - especially the Swipes later in the week.

Hunchback Registered User

omg!! woo-hoo!!

cooliotheboya Registered User

I cannot wait for this. Natalie Nikita and Kelly are rides.

Relentleslee Registered User

Can't wait for it to come back, the preview looks interesting..

JP Liz V1 Registered User

Preview tonight at 11pm on TV3

mystic86 Registered User

charging 1.49 euro to watch episode 2 on the 3 player now? wtf?

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Niamhf Registered User

Saw that...signed up to 3 player thinking I could watch it only to discover that message about renting it for €1,49...unreal!


cooliotheboya said:
I cannot wait for this. Natalie Nikita and Kelly are rides.

lmao standards man

did anyone see the one philly pulled? wtf deeeeeecent

anyone think dave looks like a big damien duff?

iseegirls Registered User

Good episode last night - the bit with Nikita nearly "dying" in the pool was hilarious.

Has she been off the drink for a while. I must have missed something if it was explained earlier in the episode.

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