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Hey all, just a quick favor to ask if anyone has this weeks limerick post lying around could they please go to the fashion section and in the what's hot coloum at the side there's a ring designer that I would really like the name of please!!

My boyfriend burnt my paper in the fire before I could take down the name!
Tried looking online and in the app but can't get it!

So please please please if anyone has it I will be very greatful!!


looking it up for you now...

hmm, nothing in the fashion and beauty section anyway in this weeks paper dated 10th December, i looked throughout the paper and found nothing...

only thing anywhere near related is the little advert on the front page at the top of the paper for swarovski crystals at matthew stephens...

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pixysarah Registered User

ohh no!! really thought it was this weeks musta been last weeks!
thanks soo much for looking tho, your a star!

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Mc Love Registered User

Try having a look on their website - there is a digital edition

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pixysarah Registered User

oh wow thanks mclove, didnt realise there was a digital edition!
just had a look there and found it so thanks very very much was going crazy trying to find it!!

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