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Hello Irish, a few tips for Your summer journey to Poznan.
First, if You are determined to arrive by air, consider as the alternative to Lawica (Poznan's airport) flying to Berlin and then renting a car. Poznan is just a 2,5-hour drive from Berlin airport.
Second, when searching for a hotel I would use Google Maps and search for Poznan. I suggest looking for an accomodation in the surroudings of Poznan (circa 40-50 km from the city). Just insert "hotel" into the search bar and Google Maps will do the rest of the job...  Local tourist board claims that in Poznan and near the city there are approximately 65000 (!) beds (different prices, different standard). Look for cities like Swarzedz, Kornik or Steszew which are within 45-60 minutes' driving distance from the city center. When You have a car that distance should not be a problem. Most expensive hotele in Poznan will charge You even over 750€ per night! But don't worry - You are going to find a room for one tenth of that price! And besides, food here is quite cheap. Main course in the tex-mex restaurant will cost You 4-6€ and 10€ will be enough even in the regular restaurant. A half-liter beer in a pub (try Brovaria in the Old Market!) will be just 1,5-2€. And You will find plenty of free hot-spots in the city (every shopping mall offers at least one free hot-spot).
Third, when You use a smartphone (and are ready to cover extra expenses for the data transfer) consider downloading the following applications: 
JAKDOJADE - a very pratical app to plan Your tips within the city (local transport), as an alternative You might need TRANSPORTOID (the advantage of which is that You can download a timetable for Poznan and Gdansk before flying to Poland)
YANOSIK or KORKOWO - when You are going to drive a lot. It needs built-in GPS to operate but gives You a real-time info about the traffic.
MOBILET (it works on nearly every mobile phone) lets You pay for a parking ticket (in the city center) and also for local transport (buses and trams).
Last but not least, try http://www.poznan.pl/mim/public/main/index.html?lang=en for the best tourist information You can find about the city.

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Is there any way of changing them apps to english.

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Hi, unfortunately they're only in Polish (right now).

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I've just got a reply to my e-mails. English versions of the apllications (at least YANOSIK and TRANSPORTOID) should be ready for EURO !

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Jacqal - you seem to know abit about poznan, can you answer this for me.

The game finishes approx 10:30 -10:45 (GMT+1) would there be a train out of poznan after the game going to berlin or somewhere west??? (sun 10th June)

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RIGHT NOW it looks like the first train westward starts on Sunday at about 9:3o (Berlin). The actual timetable for the games shall be announced later. But I wouldn't expect any extra trains in the direction of Berlin (they're scheduled to help Polish and German businessmen so You'll find some trains during office hours).

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If You're looking for a convenient transport to Germany, Holland, Belgium or Great Britain try bus companies:

Some of them have an English version and in any case You can use Google Translate. it costs about 50-60 euro to get to Holland or Belgium. What's more, when travelling in a group You can arrange the bus to pick You up from surroudings of the Stadium in Poznan. Głód luck!

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Not głód luck


Have been to Poznan many times over the last 2.5 years (good friend lives there) and I hope it doesnt change too much on me for the football overall its a very nice place with plenty of beauty to see apart from the football

Looking forward to it!

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Looks like the first train out of Poznan is at 3am. Does anyone know if there are left luggage lockers in the train station. Also is the train station open all night and is it safe.

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Would you know of any areas where we should definitely avoid when renting accomodation. I have offers on a number of apartments near the stadium in husarska, poznan. is this a safe place to stay? ive read that a lot of apartments being advertised are in 'concrete jungles' that are not safe for tourists

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By chance I happen to know that address. Not especially attractive: 4-storrey blocks from early 60's... AFAIK mainly older people live there. But - very close to the Stadium

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AdrianII said:

Adrian - You'll find the lockers at the Railway Station. Don't worry about it

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