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Hi All,

I've seen other threads that have discussed the same issue of ski insurance but they were from back in 2009.

I am going on a ski trip this December, for a week over the New Year. I was looking to get insurance to cover me for the week, has anybody got an good insurers? I don't have private insurance so it is just information on a single trip cover I'm looking for, not private add-ons, etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreicated. I've seen a few websites offering cover but want to make sure I know what I need to be included in the price.


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There are a few insurers listed in the FAQ.

Some will offer different things as far as cover for off piste and other things which I had to go into great detail for previously and finding ones that covered for more than 30 days skiing per year. But the one time so far that I actually needed to make use of insurance it ended up being my company VHI policy that ended up covering everything, I hobbled into the medical centre, said I was from Ireland and the receptionist had the VHI international claim office on speed dial before I had collapsed in the seat.

For the week trip I've just booked I just added the tour operator week long policy this time round.

Rew Moderator

Worth checking them out as much as possible. An Irish woman in our hotel last year broke her hip on the first day, her experience of dealing with travel insurance company and VHI was horrific.

robinph Moderator

Should not that I don't think the regular VHI cover would be sufficient as it won't cover the likes of getting you off the mountain. In my case I was "walking wounded" and took myself to the medical centre. I found VHI to be excellent though.

Rew Moderator

She was in hospital with a broken hip and was told "she wasn't making enough progress" because they wanted to put her on a commercial flight instead of an air ambulance. She got an air ambulance after about 10 days.

Seemed odd to me the travel insurance people didn't cover getting her home TBH. We got it all 2nd hand via her travel mates who were back and forth to the hospital.

robinph Moderator

I busted myself on the first day as well. But had an ambulance to taxi me to the airport as I wouldn't fit on the coach with my leg, and they had arranged for a whole two rows for me at the back of the plane and had my leg over the top of a folded down seat in front of me, but I was fine on a regular commercial flight.

The difference between a good experience and a bad one with travel insurance claims is a very fine line.

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VHI - Winter Sports Add on - Is pretty good but does not really cover off piste in any kind of detail Has a great policy very clear and decent winter sports cover.

123.IE - Pretty much identical to the above and can come in a little cheaper sometimes.

Bank of Ireland / AIB both do holiday insurance that includes winter sports.

If you are skiing in France / Switzerland buy the €7 Insurance add on with your lift pass. It covers all costs medical evacuation etc. Well worth the extra piece of mind.

Some Austrian resorts do the above. As a rule the Austrians are much more lax about charging for evac of the mountain and often dont charge at all. Or if they do are not over eager about persuing it if you dont pay.

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Don't forget your EHIC card too!

It's free and you might as well carry it.

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i've always used AIB's winter sports option,

i have had to use them twice for 2 dislocations, and never had any problems,

i would recommend them.


Hi guys,
Dunno what the policy here is on resurrecting threads but:

Is it just me or are the winter sports policies hard to follow or a bit vague for a lot of insurers?
Great, they cover loss of skis or lack of snow - but none seem to specifically mention air ambulance or actual costly stuff?
Anyone know of a company that gives a discount for existing health insurance and covers air ambulance specifically?

Heading off to the Czech Republic soon for first skiing trip...

Ah crap, just noticed getcover do mention it. Never mind me!
Nope, not specifically mentioned in policy wording, only alluded to on webpage. My question stands!

stevire Registered User

Couple of people I know used it, never claimed from it though. It's about €20 to get covered.

Fattes Registered User

Is it just me or are the winter sports policies hard to follow or a bit vague for a lot of insurers?
Great, they cover loss of skis or lack of snow - but none seem to specifically mention air ambulance or actual costly stuff?

Nail on the head this is winter sports insurance to a T very vague not specific and lots of wiggle room for the provider


Went with getcover in the end.
Least vague of a very vague lot.
I can imagine any car insurer washing their hands of me if I was as vague about my details as most "winter sports" insurers are of their details...

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