Hollzy Registered User

Hey I really want to start writing children's literature and I have an opportunity to submit some to a small publication if I can produce something by the deadline. I know I can do this, I'm just having trouble getting started and I'd really appreciate some advice.

EileenG Moderator

What age group are you writing for? Have you been given any guidelines about length or content?

What is your deadline?

allaboutclicks Registered User

Hi Hollzy - what sort of stuff do you normally write?

Arfan Registered User

1. Write a book and get published normally.
2. Go into bookstores and move all the copies to the childrens' section
3. ???
4. Profit!

I learned everything I know about life from a stray copy of The 120 days of Sodom in young adult literature.

PS. Sorry I can't be of any real help.

EileenG Moderator

It would really help if you could tell us what sort of children's literature you want to write. I know a fair bit about teen and YA SF and fantasy, for instance. Is that your target market?


I'm following this thread with interest too! Do get back to us Hollzy.


Children's literature is a really broad field - there's a big difference between writing, say, picture books and young adult fiction. Pick out which age group you want to write for, first of all, and then take a look at some books for that age (bookshops should be able to help with these) and see what they're doing. The more you read, the better able you'll be to shape the ideas you have into a form suitable for that particular age group.

Hollzy Registered User

Hmmm I ended up not having time to do it and forgetting about this thread :/ Sorry guys! My dedication to boards has been slipping for a while now! I had been thinking 8-10 I guess.

mikerawlins Registered User

Interesting idea. I suppose when writing for children, you also need to put yourself in the age bracket you are targeting. What they are interested for? What kind of writing that they would prefer to read.

EileenG Moderator

Don't underestimate children. Most of the bad stuff I read is because the author has no idea about modern children. My ten year old reads Harry Potter and watched Doctor Who and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

mikerawlins Registered User

So you're saying that what children watch affects their attitude as well as perception about things? Make sense....

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