Still no word on support, I emailed MCD a while ago and they don't seem to know either. Someone told me that some of Mau5trap will be supporting, but that's only rumour. It better be someone good!

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rock whore Registered User

If anyone here is still looking for tix I got one on ticketmaster.ie today.

Had heard of this guy for ages and got 4x4=12 at the weekend. Some Chords hooked me straight away and couldn't believe my luck that he's playing in a few weeks, c u all there


More tickets available now guys.


Just over a week to this and still nothing announced.

rock whore Registered User

European tour starts in Oslo on Wed; hopefully we'll be a bit wiser after that

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i cant believe thisd has sold out - shuddder.Kids of today eh

TheStickyBandit Registered User

I saw this guy when he was starting out in Trinity Rooms in Limerick years ago! Great shows!


Just tweeted Funkagenda who supported Deadmau5 in Oslo tonight.

Says its not him supporting in Dublin!

The mystery continues........

rock whore Registered User

Support in Belfast next Thursday confirmed as Alex Metric!!!!
and local band the Japanese Popstars

Hopefully Alex Metric here too )))

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Korvanica Registered User

Anyone got a setlist for the Oslo gig?

Professional Griefer Registered User

Can't wait! Got Justice the night after in Cork as well.

Setlist, I was looking earlier couldn't find anything though. I did see a video of him playing Channel 42.

Waiting on a reply from someone on another forum about setlist/new songs. So I'll get back to ya when I hear.

I would assume it would be(in no order)

Some Chords
Cthulu Sleeps
Ghosts N Stuff
Professional Griefers
Sometimes Things Get Whatever
I Remember
Limit Break
Aural Psynapse
Where My Keys
Bad Selection
The Reward Is Cheese
HR 8938 Cephei
Raise Your Weapon/October
Sofi Needs a Ladder
One Trick Pony
Animal Rights
Get In The Cart, Pig
Channel 42
The Veldt

and maybe a few new ones

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rock whore Registered User

link for belfast gig

if the setlist is anything like that above, i'll be a happy camper

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jonny_b Registered User

Dead Presidentz are supporting him in Dublin.

Korvanica Registered User

jonny_b said:
Dead Presidentz are supporting him in Dublin.


jonny_b Registered User

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