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So Copenhagen, the bastárds, let me down by drawing.
Here's my bet for tonight
Besiktas, Schalke, Stoke, Maccabi Haifa, Lisbon (-1), Bilbao (-1), Odense and Lokomotiv Moscow.
€1.10 on this returns €79.61.

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Well I'm back after a weekend of no betting. Between being sick from going out to college to personal work I'm back. An 8-team accumulator with €1 on it. I tried to post it before all the games started one is almost over and one is over. These are eastern European games and I forgot about the time difference. Anyway,
Here it is:
Chelmsford City
Hyde United
Besiktas (who lead 2-1 as I type)
Liverpool or draw
Sporting Lisbon (-1)
Dynamo Kiev (Who have won already. Game kicked off at 17:30 gmt)
Lazio (-1)
Returns: €28.60

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€2 on
Napoli, Lille, Benfica, Man UTD and Lyon. Returns €17.22

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Right so I'll give another bet a go and if this fails I'll go and come back in the new year with a new routine.

Hannover -4/9
Spurs - 4/9
austria Vienna - 4/9
atletico madrid - 4/9
Birmingham - 1/2
psv - 4/11
€2 stake.
Returns around 20 I think

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^ winner winner chicken dinner ^

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Adrian Lewis to win the PDC world championship - 6/1.

A few quid on this e/w.

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BOHtox said:
Adrian Lewis to win the PDC world championship - 6/1.

A few quid on this e/w.

How much?

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RoverJames said:
How much?

A solid €1 e/w

I only have €4 left on my online account, which I only set up, and don't want to lose it all.

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United to beat newcastle, everton to beat bolton and barca to beat osasouna is 15/8 in a pp special.

Bolton are bottom of the league and are about to lose Cahill. Everton are top half and have just been boosted by the signing of Landon Donavon

United were missing Rooney for the Blackburn game and De Gea playing is always a liability. Lindegaard will probably play tonight and , this season, he has yet to concede a goal.

Jaaskelainen is also a serious doubt for Bolton. Adam Bodgan is their second choice and he's seriously shít.

Rooney and Lindegaard will more than likely be in the team. Newcastle have one win in their last eight. That was against, anybody?, bottom of the table Bolton.

Barca will definitely want to win the Copa Del Ray so will be motivated for this match.

I'd put 8 points on this (10 being the maximum).

I'll use points from now on. A simple scale of 1-10 depending on my confidence. My maximum stake could be a tenner but yours is 100 so if you see a tenner you'd say that won't happen. So I'm using this system.

Same bet without Barca is 15/8. I'd get on this instead/aswell

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I've a small bet (2 points) on Jan Dekker to win the BDO Championship. This guy is 21 and is at 25/1. He's a quality palyer who's been around for a while. Let's be honest, the top 10 in the BDO wouldn't be near the top 40 in the PDC. Dekker is a young lad and will probably make the switch soon. It'll be him or winstanley for me

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