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“They say that those who are autistic are drawn to water,” sheriff's spokeswoman Becki Bronson told the Los Angeles Times.

No one can hear you scream when your face is in your palm.

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Two to three weeks of a general public service strike followed by a few days of riots as the general population burn down the union HQs and break the power of the unelected champagne swilling socialists.

Its tempting to think that might be the outcome, but these lads are big fans of brinkmanship. I hope its as quick and clean as that, but probably it will be a running battle for decades to come.


touts said:
my bottled water.

eww, all the leached plastic in that. eww, yuck.

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eww, all the leached plastic in that. eww, yuck.

mmm delicious polyethyleneterapethalate! flavoursome!

pet is photo sensitive, so if the bottles are kept out of daylight they should be ok for years

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The number of U.S. whooping cough cases has risen to around 18,000 in an outbreak that is on track to become the most severe in over a half century and could in part stem from possible waning vaccine protection, health officials said on Thursday.

Waning vaccines thats the start of it!,0,1402745.story

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I wouldn't take too much of that to heart, when you look at longer averages it's not bleak at all.

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here is something for those preping for disease outbreaks sounds like it could get worse. it is very bad for causing sudden death in children by attacking the central nervous system

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These stories keep surfacing, you have the whooping cough, tuberculosis, H1N1, and more, its only a matter of time before we run into one we can't handle. Watch this space.


Someone should tell the yanks we'll gladly take some drought off their hands. They won't have to pay much to get rid of it

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In every tragic mass shooting — Virginia Tech, Columbine and Aurora, Colo.’s deadly theater massacre on Friday — there are survivors — a fortunate few who managed to escape, hide or fool the shooters by playing dead.

Which raises the question: what can you do to survive if the unthinkable happens to you?

“Whether you are a 7-year-old child or a 70-year-old grandmother or grandfather, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of surviving,” said Eric Greitens, a former navy seal and police trainer.

Whether you should you hide in place or make a run for it, Greitens said it depends on the situation — the farther you are from the shooter, the better your odds of escaping.

But if that is not a reasonable option, he said the next best move is to protect yourself by hiding or getting behind something — a wall, a desk, anything between you and the gunman.

“You might be hidden behind seats in a movie theater…the active shooter can’t see you but those seats don’t provide cover,” said Greitens.

He said those seats those seats don’t protect you from bullets as someone can shoot through those seats.

So if you cannot get away or hide, should you attack?

“Most people should try to evacuate but if you are faced with someone and they are two or three feet away and they’ve been killing other people, you want to viciously and aggressively attack because your life depends on it,” said Greitens.

But experts disagree on whether playing dead is a good idea.

“I do not suggest playing dead but if you are really close to an active shooter you want to be an active survivor…if you are active survivor with people around you…your chances of survival are much higher,” Greitens said.

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Severe climate change

Futher details here:

Scientists estimate that if all of Greenland's ice sheet were to melt, the global sea level would rise by 23 feet (7 meters).

& here:

Flood Map available here:

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The water most likely came from melting of the ice sheet - rather than an ice-dammed lake bursting or glacial lake drainage - as the high discharge was maintained for so long, Forster said. The flooding follows reports that 97 percent of Greenland's ice sheets thawed on the surface, according to satellite measurements. Only four days before, just 40 percent of the surface ice layer was thawing.

The melting characteristics of such a huge ice sheet - spanning 656,000 square miles (1.7 million square kilometers) - is important for various reasons, particularly its potential effect on sea levels. If melted completely, the Greenland ice sheet could contribute 23 feet (7 meters) to global sea-level rise, according to a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

& just to add insult to injury.
a massive iceberg that recently broke away from one of Greenland's largest glaciers is making its way downstream and toward the open ocean, as shown by a new satellite photo. The drifting island of ice split from the Petermann Glacier's ice shelf - the front end of a glacier, which hangs off the land and floats on the ocean. The newly birthed berg is estimated to be about 46 square miles (120 square kilometers), and finally broke away from the floating tongue of ice on Monday, July 16.

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Ebola is loose in Kampala. Is this the first time there has been an outbreak in a large city. And Uganda is a major target for Irish Aid so there are lots of Irish workers based there.

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^^^Was reading about that the other day, I thought Ebola was near certain death but it's only like 50/50.


but it's only like 50/50.

That all? I'm off to lick a monkey

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself )

(And that's 10k!)

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