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what do ya mean by doing sentences? as in, writing sentences using kanji?


I ask the teacher I work with to give me the informal way of saying a sentence in Japanese.

Then I input it into my anki srs. The 'answer' side has furigana for the kanji and an explanation for any difficult grammar points, as well as a translation in English.

I'm also going to start looking at certain books for sentences. For example, a book I have on Japanese particles. I might grab a sentence for each particle it describes.

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Try Tae Kim's guide to grammar for particle's.
Best of all it's free! And there's a PDF
I find it more interesting than normal books.

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Excellent! There's a free app as well!

My iPhone has been a bit of a hero in this language business, and I don't know where I'd be without it. Midori, Anki, Kotaba.......very handy to have it all on the auld 携帯電話!

Thank you!

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Which grammar book do you use?
I've tried Genki but I did get a little bored, dunno what it was about Tae Kim's guide that made it interesting.

RTK is a challenge(though way better than any other method) and I'm gonna try it again hopefully...

Also be careful with Anki on the iPhone, some have complained of data loss, if you have an account to sync I recommend using it regularly.

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Can't remember the name of the particle book, I'm currently in my second school and I left it at my base school, but I'll post it as soon as I can. It's not the most entertaining thing to be honest, but it gets the job done. I think I might branch out and look at teh Mangaland books for sentences.

Also, I just bought Mass Effect 1 for the XBox in Japanese. I'm going to attempt slogging through it the ajatt way and see if it yeilds any results.

The last 2 days at work were penciled in for being very quiet, but in typical Japanese High School fashion, they got busy with basically no notice. So, I've been stuck on 700 for the last 2 days which is frustrating, as I was getting in a groove. I'll see how many I can get done today, it's practice for graduation and I'm free for a good 5 hours.

Re: the iPhone anki. I've heard that! And it happened to me the first time I tried syncing, which is lucky as it made me wary. With the iPhone anki, I tend to use it for 5 mins if I'm waiting for a bus, waiting for a meeting etc. Passes teh time and I'm learning (hopefully).

I also got addicted to KPP thanks to my students:

Don't judge me, it's all in the name of immersion!!


Christ almighty, you want stress? Hang around a staff room in a JHS in Japan at the end of the academic year. The week leading up to graduation on the 10th, and from then on, has been incredibly busy. Teachers changing schools, 3rd graders emotional farewell and 1st graders going absolutely crazy. Like bloody animals.

I reached the 750 mark on schedule but now I'm still in 766 ( just at the end of lesson 23, the longest so far). I've kept up with my reviews, but that's about it. Today I have some free time, so hopefully I'll make a little progress.

Re the sentences....

A mate here has successfully used the ajatt method so I pick his brains a lot. I noticed I just wasn't getting the sentences right at all. He told me I was picking sentences that were just too hard. Most had 2 compound kanji in them, always brand new. I need to do simpler ones with one kanji and build my confidence. THEN I use the kanji compounds in used to in new sentences with another compound, effectively building upon my foundations. Makes sense.

To be honest, I think I'm going to leave the sentences for a little bit. I'll look into them again around the 1,000 kanji mark.

Now, im reading the デスノート漫画. I watched the series moths ago, before I started studying so I know the story. I'm just reading through to get used to reading more than anything else. I can't sayI understand it, but small things are getting through. Small goals and all that.

Ps sorry for any typos, hurriedly written on the phone.


Ha! So heisig admits lesson 23 was very difficult......so I think he purposefully eased off in lesson 24.


Actually writing that feels brilliant, and it's greet to be able to quantify progress. I'm thinking (hoping) that I'll reach 1,000 in two weeks time. That'll be a moment to really savor. I'm finally seeing khazumoto's method at work. The small goals and regular para on the back make you realize that any step, no matter how small is a step in te right direction, so should be celebrated.

Conversational Japanese is starting to permeate as well, and I'm fortunate to be living here for that extra help. Talking about kanji is a usual topic of conversation, and they think it's hilarious I can write the kanji but rarely pronounce it in Japanese. All in good time....

I can't wait to get this language down. I did French through 2ndary school (and Irish of course) but this is the most effort I've ever put into learning a language.


On a side note (and sorry for spamming today), I came across this website today:


It seems to be a more structured/less waffle version of the ajatt method. I enjoy Khazumoto's site, but he tends to go on a little bit too much. this one is basically teh same idea, but with that little bit more focus.

He has his own anki deck of 1950 to download that mixes the essential kanji from RtK books 1 and 3. he also has a couple of articles dedicated to the eradication of unessential kanji in Heisig's books (probably their main flaw). I'm going to do a little more research into it over the next few weeks and consider integrating some of his ideas.

From what I've seen so far though, I'd recommend at least reading some of the articles.

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where are you in Japan?

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あああ 金沢か, ぼくは東京にすんでいます


そうですか?でも、あなたのロケイーション(stab in the dark at the katakana)はダブリンですよ!

Or have I slightly misread that, and you are infact going to live in Tokyo?

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nadir said:
あああ 金沢か, ぼくは東京にすんでいます


What part of Tokyo do you live in?


Tá pian ana mhór ar fad i mo cheann. At least I think that's how it was said......

I was never any good at languages, but these past two nights I went to my local and spoke more Japanese then I ever have before. Best of all, it was generally understood.

But my bloody head feels like it's bursting to capacity with kanji, so I think I'm going to pause at 860 for the moment and bring my reviews down a notch, they're far too high.

Slowly slowly slowly, I'm grabbing vital conversational points that can make dialogue that bit easier. I just can't wait to mix this with what I'm learning with Heisig.

sllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwlllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy, no rush.

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I enjoyed catching up on this

What would you reccomend as the ideal way to permanantly get down kana, i always trip up on katakana!

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