Half time Junior Cup final: Sligo Grammar 10, Rice College 3

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half time Marist 12 grammar 0. come on the Maris.

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Marist leading grammar 12 nil. about 5 minutes left.


Final Scores
Junior Cup Final
Sligo Grammar 10 Rice College Westport 10
Senior Cup Final
Marist College Athlone 12 Sligo Grammar 0

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A bit of an update.

Was at the senior game. Marist college looked like they were cruising the whole game. Despite the Grammar missing 3 very kickable penalties. Marist were Different Gravy!

Grammar had absolutely no idea what to do when they had the football, and the Marist were so comfortable in defence, and never kicked the ball away. They ran it out from the own line the whole time. They were always looking for the offload and trying to keep it alive.

Marist pack been alot smaller, also got on top of the Grammar boys.
Also there was 1 or 2 players on each side who I heard about and who I expected to be a lot better than they were that disappointed me.

But its been 35 years since we won the Schools Cup and we'll take it! Come on the Marist!

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Managed to see both games and in fairness some very good rugby at times in both games. However when the draw was made it was pointed out that March 14th had to be adhered to as Setanta were going to film and show the games. Now I could be very wrong but I didn't see any TV cameras at the game and if that is the case it just goes to show once again how shoddy Connacht rugby is treated. Then again although there were no Galway teams in either final none of the local free rags bothered to even say a SINGLE line about the biggest day in schools rugby taking place in Galway!!!

The junior final looked like Grammar were going to run away with it in the first half with Rice looking like they had very little apart from some threat from their lively backline.....when they got the ball. Thought the pack was a let down for them and were very slow getting to the breakdown causing a lot of good work overturned and losing a lot of ball. However, in fairness to Rice they hung in there and kept fighting and in the second half brought it back to level pegging. Even with a huge amount of possession Rice couldn't/didn't use it to any effect. However, I must say it was disheartening to see a Junior side so cynical in their approach to the game. At EVERY opportunity they killed the ball or killed the game and sometimes both. I watched when players went down looking for attention and I didn't see anyone get ANY treatment, ice, spray or rub just a drink of water.

Senior final had a great first half with Marist looking by far the stronger team and looking way sharper. Don't think they were smaller than the Grammar pack but worked very well. Very disappointed in Grammar captain Thomas Ferrari who I thought didn't even work that well and did more decoy running than actually taking on the opposition. Couple of Grammar players stood out including the No 6. Most of Marist side were very impressive and well drilled especially Robbie Henshaw and the Marist full back. Great to see a back line LOOKING to take the ball into contact. However, even with far more possession in the second half I honestly thought Grammar never really offered any threat. Congrats to Marist

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Junior Cup final replay took place and in a surprise result Rice College Westport beat Sligo Grammar. Didn't get to see the game myself but it was 6-3 to Rice and a lot of the game came down to discipline. Reliable source told me the ref was very unfair to Sligo but considering their negativity in the first game, it seems that they didn't get away with any of that kind of carry on in this game.

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Congrats to Rice College

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Calasanctius College won the Senior City Cup today 17-11 after beating St Joseph's College "The Bish". The Bish had a very strong first half kicking two penalties and going over for a try but Calasanctius had a very strong second scoring 3 tries one of which was converted.

Calasantius also face the Bish in the Junior City Cup after the Easter break.

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