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Our organisation has 4 computer rooms, each with 30 PCs.

3 rooms are running Windows XP x86, and one is running Windows 7 Pro X86.

All machines access shares on a x86 Server 2003 box.

The network access on SOME of the Windows 7 machines is horribly slow, as in 10 mins to open a word document on a share, 15 mins to add network printer. When other computer rooms are turned off, netowrk access in this room is fine.

There are never any problems with network access speeds form the XP machines. Anyone any troubleshooting ideas?

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What's your network topology?

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Cuddlesworth said:
What's your network topology?

4 Comptuer Rooms: Room A, B, C, D

Room A linked to Room B, Room B linked to Room C, Room C linked to Room D.

ISP comes into switch in Room A. Server is located on a switch off Room D. The network problem is occuring at Room B.

I can plug and XP machine into the same network point and it works fine. I've investigated turning off IPv6, and auto-tuning, but still no success.

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Linked? As in a switch in each room with a trunk to the next? The windows 7 machines wouldn't happen to be in room A would they?

Edit, see they are on room B. Bad network topology though.

Look at the network section in resource manager on each Windows 7 machine to see if they are doing any large or bandwidth intensive tasks. Otherwise I would look at authentication with the server.

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Give the below a shot on the W7 machines


Please try this to disable "Large Send Offload" :

1. Open an elevated command prompt and press Enter:

netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disabled

2. Disable and re-enable the network interface.

3. Run the following command in an elevated command prompt to confirm the command above is successful:

netsh int ip show offload

Hope this helps.

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