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I have looked high and wide but in Dublin it seem's there is plenty of advice but very little willingness to do the job

I have a 2003 BMW M3. I got my hands on an OEM set of Xenons (not bi-xenons) from a 2003 BMW M3. The M3 I have was fitted with Halogens from new.

They are physically fitted.

They turn on fine but within ten to fifteen seconds they start to flicker like a strobe light.

There is plenty of forums, discussions, advice and contradicting procedures.

The advice I was received is as follows.

- The LCM/LKM (lamp control module) need's to be software flashed to accept the Xenon lights. Ideally from a BMW software controlled unit that some independents have.

- Others say I need to replace the LCM/LKM completely at hugh cost but others challenge that because they too have used bmw oem xenons and flashed the lcm fine and all was fine.

- There is a capacitor that can stop the flickering. It's a workaround.

I'm asking anyone out there do you know someone that has managed to get their Xenons to work and programmed? Can you recommend someone that did it and would take on the job, Independently.
Many have had this done but the people I have found who say they can do it cannot do it until late next week.


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