paddy147 Banned

Bought a Parkside 2100 watt 150 bar Power Washer machine this morning in Lidl.

Cost 119 euro and comes with alot of extra kit,alot more than what Karcher give you with a similar priced model (special offer in Woodies and Homebase of 120 euro for 1400 watt Karcher).

Some serious whack of water out of the Parkside,and a 3 year warrenty too.

Not too bad for 119 euro.

paddy147 Banned

Pics of the Parkside power washer.

Lidl still have a few of these left for sale.

2100 watt
150 bar
400 litres per hour
1.5 litre built in detergent mixer bottle
1 patio/car scrubbing brush
2 adjustable high power water lances.
1.5 litre bottle of detergent.
6 meter high pressure anti tear/kink water hose on wind back reel
5 meter plug lead
3 year warrenty

Loch Garman Gael Registered User


I bought one of these power washers about 6 months ago as well have used it about 3 or 4 times. The Gun just cracked on it last time & is now useless. Unfortunately I don't have receipt from Lidl to bring it back but I am happy enough with the power washer itself. Just wondering do you know where I can buy a replacement gun? As I've searched for reacement parts to no avail...

Loch Garnan Gael

studdlymurphy Registered User

get the serial number and manufacturing date from its serial plate and bring it back if it was manufactured in the last 3 years. I couldnt have been bought more than 3 years ago if it was built in th elast 3 years. They should change it is that is the case.

Loch Garman Gael Registered User

Cheers thanks for that I'll do that & bri g it back to them. Love the Powerwashers but parts is the problem so buying Mechanical stuff from Lidl maybe not the brightest idea?

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